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This is a selection of my most frequently used resources, listed as much for my own convenience as anyone else's but I do hope you find them useful too. 

UK/USA Crochet Terminolgy
UK Term (Abbreviation) = USA Equivalent (Abbreviation)
  • slip-sitch (ss or slst) = slip stitch (ss)
  • double-crochet (dc) = single crochet (sc)
  • half-treble (htr) = half double crochet (hcd)
  • treble (tr) = double crochet (dc) 
  • double-treble (dtr) = treble (tr)
  • triple treble (trtr) = double trble (dtr)
Crochet Stitch Guides
This is a detailed series of crochet "classes" - Crochet School with Craftyminx

Knitting Guides

Pinterest Boards

Patterns and Tutorials

  • There are all sorts of wonderful crafting tutorials on the ikat bag blog including some sewing patterns. 

Sewing: Kids' Clothing (from various sources)
(These are all links I've had bookmarked for a while or that I've found in preparation for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge - I'll come back and sort them into some order when I've finished adding them!)

You'll find links to LOTS of summer clothes on The Train to Crazy blog.
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