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As an opinionated person, I like to pass on recommendations for things that are likely to be of interest to my readers. Most of the products/services included in my posts are things I have paid for myself, but sometimes items I review have been provided to me free of charge - usually craft books and yarn. As a designer, I'm lucky enough to collaborate with several yarn producers/ indie dyers/ yarn stores. Some sell or promote my patterns, some provide yarn support and / or offer reader discounts or giveaways. 

Regardless of the source, I will always give an honest opinion - my integrity is paramount and I will not write a good review for a poor product or service. This will always be the case. 

CftC is part of the following Affiliate programmes: Creativebug, CraftsyDeramores,, and EtsyOther carefully selected affiliate companies may be featured occasionally in individual posts or under the 'affiliates' header in the sidebar. This is usually when I like the product or company or product myself. If you purchase from an affiliate link to one of these companies, a small promotional fee may be payable to Crafts from the Cwtch, which helps to keep the content here free. 

In addition to affiliate links, low-cost banner advertising for blogs and products that relate to the topics covered here*. If you would like to rent banner space, simply choose the most suitable option below (if you can't see the chart, try a different browser) your details will be sent directly to me for approval via Passionfruit Ads

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*Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I am happy to discuss opportunities for giveaways, product reviews, special reader offers but please note that all sponsored links are attributed as "no-follow". Contact me me to discuss your requirements, but note that I DO NOT accept posts from off-topic guest writers in order to place third party links on my site, and will not write a good review of a product I don't like.