DIY Pattern-Repeat Stitch Marker

As a big fan of meditative knits, I often find myself zoning out while I'm knitting. Usually it works out fine, because I favour simple projects, but as I was reminded last week (while swatching), it can be easy to lose track of the pattern repeats when you're not really paying attention and knitting in the round. Prior to starting the real project, I'll be sure to make 'Pattern-Repeat' Stitch Marker - they are so easy and take a few seconds to prepare but can save a lot of frustration! It doesn't look like I've ever shared this tip before, so here goes... 

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As you can see from the pictures, you only need a small piece of yarn in a contrasting colour. The actual amount will depend on the needle size and number of rounds in the pattern repeat, in this example I've used Scheepjes BonBon and left spaces which are big enough for a fairly large needle,  for a four-row pattern repeat, but you can customise it to suit any project.

To use the marker, simply put the first loop/section at the beginning of the first round of the stitch- pattern, then when you get to the marker again, change it so that the second loop/section is on the needle, and so on. Continue until you have worked the final round of the stitch pattern.

When you need to restart the pattern repeat simply put the first (top) loop of the marker back onto the needle.

Note that beads add extra weight which can be nice, so it really depends on the size of the project whether it's worth adding them. I put these on as a reminder that you can make your marker as fancy as you like. 


  1. I'm feeling a bit silly here but is there any way you could add of photo or two of this in use? I'm not sure I entirely understand how it works :-/

    1. I've added some pics which I hope will clarify for you and all the other 'visual' readers - thanks for the suggestion! x


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