My Boy on the night of the Year 6 Leavers' Disco

He just turned eleven. Two days until Primary School ends.
I notice the subtle changes - the bushy eyebrows, the shape of his jaw. 
He speaks. His voice unpredictable - sometimes an unexpected squawk... or no sound at all. 
Almost as tall as me. 

Is he prepared for the challenges ahead? (Are WE?)
Thousands of bigger kids at the Comp. Social media. Peer pressure. The Real World. 
He's "kind, very kind" writes his teacher; he has an "innate ability to make me smile".
I hope that's enough. That we've done enough to prepare him. 

Then I observe him with an anxious friend - a gentle tap on his back, a reassuring word.
I hear how they laugh and speak in another language (of Marvel, Xbox and Dan TDM).
Later, he looks at me with those eyes and whispers "Don't worry Mum, I'll always be your baby."
Yes son, you will. No matter what. 


  1. Oh enjoy these years! I loved my kids when they were babies, but oh how exciting to see them develop as thinking, feeling, loving human beings! It's the best. It truly is! :) Note: my eldest is 40 now.

    1. Oh that's so lovely to hear! I only ever hear people lamenting the loss of the early years, it's good to have so much to look forward to! xxx

  2. My baby boy (my youngest) starts university in September. It's almost impossible to see the boy he was at 11 in the 17 year old young man, but he's there, shoving onto the couch with me and the dog, grinning his devil grin when the artful zinger finally sinks into my brain. Enjoy every minute of your present with him. Every part of a child's life is amazing (sometime at the same time it is excruciating...)and in my experience, often the most help I could give my kids was my larger perspective, absolute belief that they could work out a solution to any challenge, and a safe haven for when the waters were excessively rough. Enjoy him while you have him- Sometimes it feels like our active parenting time passed in the blink of an eye.

  3. My baby also finished school this year, but secondary so he is off to uni in September too (results willing!)
    I think the advice from Kathleen is spot on.
    It won't be long until he towers above you and his shoulders go ridiculously wide overnight. The good news is that they still give hugs to their ol' mum even when they turn into big blokes!


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