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End-of-term madness seems to have suddenly happened. You'd think after seven years as a Primary School parent, I'd be used to it by now, but it still manages to creep up on me every single time! For Little Miss it's pretty much plain sailing, but it's all a bit different for My Boy who is off to Secondary school. This means there are even more things to arrange, do and attend. My schedule is suddenly very full and it feels like I'm living from reminder to reminder - I'm having to be incredibly well organised.

Hay House kindly sent me Rushing Woman's Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver but I haven't had time to read it yet!!! 

In the last week it's been Transition Day (he got to spend a whole day at the new school), Welcome Evening (parents and kids), I've had the cringe-fest that was a preview of the "Reproduction & Birth" videos the Year 6 students will be viewing this week as part of the curriculum. There was an end-of-year violin performance, a trip to the dentist and uniform-shopping. Little Miss had her Dance Showcase and her mock Ballet exams. The dog had three more seizures and the vet is now on speed-dial. Frankly, it's been (emotionally) exhausting. 

The week ahead is not looking much better - it includes further meetings, Sports Day and a Summer "Fun" Day - oh, the irony. It's anything but fun and as it's a fundraising event, I always think it would be much more successful if parents could pay NOT to go. That makes me sound grumpy, but it really feels like a case of over-scheduling gone mad at the moment, and that's with only two children. At least I've had chance to do a little 'handbag knitting' at some of the meetings!

YARN: Regia Pairfect (Candy), NEEDLES: KnitPro Zing 2.5mm (LoveKnitting affiliate) 

I don't usually knit my socks on double pointed needles, or top-down, but it seemed like a good opportunity to do so when I chose a ball of Regia Pairfect in Candy colourway as my new portable project. The ball was set up for cuff-down knitting and I couldn't be bothered to rewind it, so I'm now firmly out of my comfort zone. I've been fancying this yarn for some time as it's been produced to knit a perfectly matching pair or socks. I'll let you know how it goes. (It's evident that I've been picking these up and putting them down frequently - the rib stitches aren't very neat, but I'm sure they'll be fine after washing. )

As is so often the case lately, I've found my moments of calm in the pages of my art journal, where things are much more relaxed and carefree. If you're a bit frazzled too, I highly recommend it. For those who prefer to do something a bit more structured, there's a new Painting Challenge on Creativebug which you might like - my advice would be to consider it as 'self care' or 'time out' rather than another thing you MUST keep up with. Enjoy it when you want to, and take from it what you need.

The DIY Traveler's Journal class is now live on Creativebug*, taught by Faith Hale

Also on Creativebug this month, a new class from Faith Hale on making your own Traveler's Notebook. If you've been here a while, you'll know that I have several and use them for EVERYTHING. Well worth checking out, and if you haven't already spotted it, you can find it here

* Creativebug Affiliate links. If you don't already subscribe, you can access a free trial here or purchase classes individually! 


  1. Oh Im exhausted reading that! One of the best school fundraisers I've ever had to deal with was the 'no bake' fundraiser, a wee envelope came home with a poem printed on it with something along the lines of 'You're so busy and don't have time to bake so just throw $5 in the envelope". Not exactly worded like that but brilliant concept and always raised more money than actual bake sales.


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