What a bleeping week!

I had several posts planned for the last week but the Universe has been conspiring to keep me silent! On a nation-wide level we are all still reeling from the recent terrorist attacks and we have a General Election tomorrow which feels like the most important one in my lifetime to date. On a personal level, My Boy is away for his first 5 day residential school trip (which I have been dreading for months) and at the same time,  my other boy - Archie Schnauzer - isn't well. 

As I write, he is at the vet for further tests following a sudden succession of seizures - we are hoping it's only epilepsy as that can be treated with medication without affecting his quality of life, and the vet is currently trying to rule out other possibilities. Honestly, it scares the hell out of me. 

Archie has been a part of our family for almost four years and he means the world to all of us. He has taught me so much and as he is with me for most of 24 hours a day, I am finding it hard. I'm constantly watching that he isn't about to seize again, and worrying about administering medicine, and how to avoid him injuring himself, if he does. This vet trip today has at least given me time to shower, eat, put some washing in the machine and write this quick update, but I hate sitting here without him. I really wasn't prepared for the week he's had - none of us were. I hope he will be on an even keel so that I can get back to my normal schedule next week. If not, please bear with me. 


  1. Huge hugs to you and Archie. My phoebe was at the vets 2 weeks ago, it's just awful without them xx get Well soon sweet boy xx

  2. Hugs to you! So hard when kids are away and fur babies are ill. It's hard to be a human sometimes, isn't it. Hope all is well by next week.

  3. Oh Sarah, I hope they can find out what it is soon. Having a poorly dog is hard to handle. And having a child away isn't easy either. I'm sending you hugs. Xx

  4. Wow! Sarah, what a week you are having. I hope it gets better and Archie does too!

  5. Hope Archie is on the mend xx


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