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Did you try the mixed-media class I wrote about last week? I did, and now have another unfinished spread in my journal. It was fun, even though I had to improvise on the materials and didn't want to use paper so I couldn't use the sewing machine on my page (there's paper everywhere, so I like things in my journal). I also cast on a fun new pair of 'handbag socks', but as I haven't left the house in days (see below), I've made little progress. More on those another day. 

Extracts from my art journal, inspired by this class

Today is Litha (Summer Solstice) or Yule (Winter Solstice), depending on your hemisphere. I can't believe that another year has passed and that it's already time for our informal little Summer Solstice ceremony. Until I had the children I wasn't really connected with the seasons, but seeing them grow in front of my eyes changed that. Of course, we are all constantly developing, but it's just so much more noticeable in the children - especially MB who is almost eleven and has definitely transformed from being a child into a 'pre-teen'. 

Unlike the kids, my own changes are probably not noticeable on the outside, but as I connect to the seasons and cycles of life, I do feel quite different on the inside. One thing is that it's easier to expect the unexpected - like when (our dog) Archie had three more seizures on Sunday, after 10 days without any. I won't lie, when it happened I felt completely gutted - for him and for the family. The first time around (a fortnight ago), it looked as though he'd been exposed to something toxic but for it to happen again? Well, we have no idea what's causing it and the current heatwave certainly can't be helping. He's been prescribed medication to stabilise things, and isn't himself while they take effect. So I'm here on 'high alert', watching his every move - making sure he's ok and doesn't hurt himself in the event of another fit - hence I haven't left the house and there's been no 'handbag' knitting, and indeed none of any other variety because it's just too hot. 

In the garden with affirmations from The Good Tarot

So, back to the Solstice - here in the Northern Hemisphere it's a time of light, growth and abundance - the sun is at its peak and it's the beginning of Summer. It's time to feel gratitude for all that we have and to share our abundance with others. It's also a reminder that from tomorrow the days will get shorter (until the Winter Solstice in December) and that nothing lasts. We have to let go when things are completed - whether that's the long hot days of summer, or a boy's childhood. 
Nothing in the world is permanent, and we're foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we're still more foolish not to take delight in it when we have it. - W. Somerset Maugham
As a final note, the Solstice is a great time for personal reflection and journaling - I've written more on The Curious Cardslinger blog. As I use Tarot/Oracle cards to facilitate my own personal development I've written a 'Summer Solstice Spread' to help delve a bit deeper, but you can also use the eight prompts without cards. 


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