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It's been a while since I posted any CIPS*, largely because my creativity has being in a resting phase lately. I have come to recognise and accept that's perfectly natural. Everything is cyclical - including the desire for self-expression and creation. 

Creation in progress: (yet another) unfinished spread from my art journal. 
At the peak of my creative cycle I have a manic need to start lots of different projects - casting on all the things, sketching, making lists in my journals and so on. The opposite side of the cycle looks a lot like a complete loss of 'mojo', and a general apathy about the things that are already in progress. (There really is no point forcing these things, it's best just to acknowledge them and accept that your energy is better invested elsewhere.) Between these extremes the creative energy waxes and wanes, just like the moon. 

I'm reading the new book 'Goddess Wisdom' by Tanishka¹, and she describes it perfectly: 
[W]hen we understand the effect natural cycles have on our moods, energy levels, creativity, and libido, we can maximise that in our favour, by scheduling our routines so we're 'in sync' with nature. Linear time induces stress and an unhealthy expectation that we must always be 'on'. We expect ourselves to behave as digital machines, rather than organic beings. (p 62)
At the moment I'm feeling the swell of new ideas and am inclined to write, paint and even knit - which I haven't done much of lately. It feels great, actually. 

If any of this resounds with you, you might like to look at the Woman Unleashed Summer Retreat 2017. This is a FREE online retreat, hosted by Amber /  The Radiant Mama which around 30,000 women participate in worldwide. Run over 10 days, and guided by many different women who use art, yoga, and mini-workshops, the Retreat will help you embrace your creative spirit and take action towards the things you love - and it really works! 

I 'attended' the Winter (Solstice) Retreat as a sceptical frustrated artist. I was not aligned with my intuition and had been feeling quite dissatisfied and disconnected (from myself) for some time. I didn't resonate with all of the classes, but that's ok as you are encouraged to pick and choose the things that speak to you. There's a lot to choose from! I've put together a little clip of some of my retreat journal pages to give you a flavour

As a result of taking part in the last retreat, I have been much more in tune with my own cycles and my creativity. It has made a huge difference to me already - and being more open-minded than I was last time, I'm even more excited to have the chance to participate again. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you can watch a short video from Amber, and find all the (frankly, amazing) teachers right here. I am not affiliated with it, I just really loved taking part in the last one and can't wait until next week when the new one opens. Maybe I'll see some of you there...?

*Creation in progress, rather than work in progress, as first discussed here
¹ Amazon affiliate link. A full review of the book will be posted on The Curious Cardslinger within the next week. 

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