The Birds! (AKA Why Unravel 2017 was like a tarot card)

Every time I go to a special event - one where I get to spend time with my 'tribe', to be immersed in an environment full of like-minded friends (and to sit up laughing so late we get less than three hours sleep), I find it difficult to come to this space and type words that express my gratitude for everyone and everything that knitting and blogging has brought into my life. This year's trip to Unravel was no exception.

In a way, it was a relief that the festival was immediately before the half term break - with a whole week to think about it, I'd planned to publish my review on Monday. But when this week came around I still didn't have the words. I usually take so many pictures that I can put them together into a narrative but when I set out to do that (and here's a Bad Blogger confession) I had a grand total of six usable pictures from the weekend. If you needed any indication of quite how much I enjoyed it, that probably says it all, but for a blog post, it doesn't say much!  I was on the verge of giving up when a few things struck me.

First, there was the selfie I took with Nerissa before we headed off on our adventure .....

... and then the pair of chattering birds sat on a branch of the Unravel Knit Aviary. Don't they look conspiratorial?

Then, a photo that Jane took during a coffee break - it's me (talking and laughing, and wearing the Shawl of Secrets) with EstherDedri and Nerissa. You can just see a bit of Esther's Hygge shawl, which got plenty of double-takes!  

It reminded me of these four little pals from the Aviary!

I was trying to find a photo of my roommate Joanne (Scrace) but the closest I could find was a photo of this exotic creature, made by someone else called Joanne.

I don't think Woolly Wormhead would mind me sharing the reason that Joanne wasn't around when we were taking photos - she was outside modelling A Hat to Make a Point. You can find out what the 'point' is and get the free pattern here. Incidentally, it was the first time I'd met Woolly and she was even more lovely than I could have imagined - I'm trying to tick some WIPs off my list so I can cast on one of her hats next.

Joanne wearing A Hat to Make a Point, photo (C) Woolly Wormhead

I don't have any photos of the (many) other lovely people we spent time with - none of JaneJacqui, Rachel or Rachel at all - although I plan to include several of them here in coming weeks and months. It's probably not a totally bad thing - by the end of the evening, we were more like this colourful gaggle!

What a wonderful time we had! Which brings me to the alternative title of this post.

Regular readers will know that I enjoy painting and drawing and that I follow various artists on Instagram. I've recently fallen for Kim Krans' art, and there is one particular image in her Wild Unknown tarot deck which perfectly sums up my trip to Unravel this year.

The Three of Cups depicts what I think of as three little birds sitting companionably on a branch as the sun goes down. They have large goblets (of prosecco!), but they are far too busy chattering and enjoying each other's company to be thinking about that. It's possible they are planning all sorts of wonderful adventures together and sharing stories and experiences.

The card is about creativity, community and creating special memories together that you'll forever hold dear. It's about friendship and joy and celebration.  In short, it's about all the things that Unravel 2017 meant to me.  If you were there and a part of that, thank you for making it a(nother) great weekend to remember. If you weren't there, Unravel will be back in February 2018 - get saving and book your flights! In the meantime, I'm compiling a list of great products I spotted, new vendors that caught my eye and things you can get online if you missed them - stay tuned. 


  1. Lovely post, but I wish we'd managed to ignore the goblets as well as those birds have! xx

    1. Hahaha. Good point! Also the word "conspiratorially" was a nod to the card you gave me at Unravel a few years ago!

  2. *Sniff*

    This is perfect. Damn I love you!

  3. Such a fantastic summary of a fantastic weekend - it is indeed hard to put into words, but you did! I look forward to meeting up, goblets of prosecco at the ready!!! Cxxx

  4. That's brilliant, what lovely photo matches. It's great when you find your tribe isn't it?


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