NEWSFLASH:: Sophie's Universe *BOOK* is now available!

There was no post planned for today but I couldn't wait to share this news with you because I am SO excited for my dear friend Dedri Uys. I've mentioned her here many times since we first met a couple of years ago, she is a constant source of inspiration to me - and many others - and gives so much back to her (real-life and virtual) community. Since our recent trip together, I've been waiting to tell you about her new book (find her others here*) and the story behind it. 

Let me tell you up front that this post is a great big HOORAH for Dedri who stood by her principles to achieve her dream of getting this book published while staying true to herself and her followers.

The Sophie's Universe pattern was originally published in parts, as a Crochet-along, on Dedri's website in 2015. Despite repeated requests for a printed version of the pattern from many followers who have made, or are making, the stunning heirloom blanket (there are the FOUR AND A HALF THOUSAND PROJECTS on Ravelry alone!), she had trouble getting it published because she wanted to keep the pattern available for free on her blog too. That was very important to her. 

Sign of a good friend - they will pose for you to take a photo of a picture in your
favourite colours on a restaurant wall ... while holding a matching ball of yarn! 

Publishers wouldn't entertain the idea. They wanted her to remove the free instalments so people could only make Sophie's Universe by buying the book. But that wasn't what Dedri wanted - publishing a book was about giving people an additional option, not taking away something she had already given freely, and that she'd put her heart and soul into. People asked for a physical pattern which they could carry around with their project, or as a keepsake accompaniment to finished blankets, and she wanted to make it available.

Luckily Scheepjes stepped in just over a year ago. They understood that she was committed to keeping the free version online too, and agreed to publish the book on these terms. They have been working on it ever since. With such a long and detailed pattern - including extensive supporting photos and tips - the result is a beautiful book with over 200 pages. It guides you through every single step of this advanced crochet pattern so that pretty much anyone can do it. 

The book is a paperback and stitch-bound so it lays flat when you're working, and it's printed on really nice paper (Dedri is a stationery addict, so she's happy!) and the layout and styling have all been handled by a great team including Jane Toft, former Editor-in-chief of Mollie Makes and Simple Things magazines, which might give you an idea of the production standards.

When I first 'met' Sophie, it was love! Look at those details!!! (This is the Stone Washed XL version)

I couldn't be more delighted for Dedri and for Scheepjes, especially when I heard that the initial stock of books listed on her Wool Warehouse shopfront sold out within a couple of hours. She trusted her instinct and it was right - people want to buy the book, even though the pattern is available for free. I suspect many crocheters who have enjoyed her design and finished the blanket will want to buy it to show their gratitude and respect for the huge amount of work that went into the pattern and original CAL. Plus lots of other people who like a printed pattern and haven't made it yet will want it too. Of course, I have placed my order already and have a copy on the way - not that I have time to even think about making 'Sophie' myself! 

If you want to get your hands on a copy, you can order the Sophie's Universe book from Wool Warehouse (for £16.95), where you will also find kits to complete the project in various different Scheepjes yarns. Instructions for Cotton 8, Softfun and Stone Washed XL are included in the book, and there is now also a Colour Crafter version of the kit which includes information on which colours to use/substitute. (Select from the 'Main Pack' options listed here.) It will be available from other stockists soon. 

NOTE: If the book is showing as sold out when you read this, you can sign up to be notified by email when they are re-listed - from what I understand, that won't be long! 

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  1. I am SO happy for Dedri - I made two of these wonderful blankets and I want a book to say a big thank you to Dedri and as a "keepsake" but I will also (I hope) make more blankets. Thank you for sharing I hope they come in stock soon.

    1. Lovely! I'm sure they'll be back in stock very soon :)

  2. This is a wonderful post Sarah. Somehow the struggles about publishers not willing to create this book as an additional source for the pattern has passed me by... Such a shame! But I'm glad Dedri kept true to herself and it shows, it's a gorgeous book (got a copy coming in too <3!), from a gorgeous author with a gorgeous pattern. Well done, Dedri, you deserve this :)

    1. Yes, absolutely - she really does deserve it. xxx

  3. I am so very happy for Dedri too! She is so very talented and her Sophie project is amazing! I somehow missed the release of the book, but will place an order as soon as it's back to stock. :) Wonderful post Sarah!

  4. Wonderful post, Sarah! Dedri is such a star for staying true to her dream and loyalty to her bazillion followers! She's forever changed the crochet world, and I'm so thrilled for her! I'm so snagging a copy or two of her book. Go, Sophie! Go, Dedri!

  5. What lovely words for a Great lady... Thank you so much....

  6. Hi Sarah, I had to take a minute to shout out a Thank You to you for highlighting Dedri and her new book. I am on the "will notify" list and can't wait to get it. This is what crafters are all about, supporting and being happy for each other.
    Have a wonderful, blessed day.


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