Where do I begin?

One thing I've learned over the last few years is that my natural verbosity is lost through emotion - when I'm really happy or sad, the ability to string words together just..... disappears. For the last three hours I've been sat at my computer wondering how to tell you about my trip to the Scheepjes Bloggers Group Meet-up in the Netherlands this weekend. The fact is, I'm not even sure where to start.

Practicing layouts in Kate's photography workshop, photo © Dedri Uys

Maybe I should begin by telling you about my good friend Dedri who travelled an extra few hours just so we could spend the 'airport' time together? Or Tatiana who waited for us to arrive in Holland so we could all travel and dine together the night before our meetings? Or the gorgeous Nerissa, Kirsten and Esther who acted as our personal guides, taxis and late-night winetasting companions? Maybe I should focus on how lovely it was to see Carmen again?

Some of the 'dream team': Nerissa, Dedri, Kirsten, Carmen, Tatiana and Esther

Or perhaps I should just skip all that and tell you about the reason we met up with lots of other friends (bloggers and designers, full list below) at Scheepjes HQ. How Scheepjes hosted a mini-conference including a photography workshop from Kate (A Playful Day), and then spoiled us (again!) with their incredible hospitality, expertly arranged by Simy Somer who somehow manages to avoid any cameras unless she's the one pressing the button.

Perhaps I should tell you how Saturday was filled with INCREDIBLE surprises which had me - and a few others - holding back tears of joy and overwhelm. (Oh boy, I can't wait to share some of the secrets!)

Photo by me, 'Namaqualand' shawl by Dedri Uys - pattern coming soon! 

The problem with all these approaches is that words are not enough to convey the sense of sisterhood and how I feel nurtured, supported and understood by this eclectic mix of women. People often ask why I collaborate so much with one company, and as an astute observer, Kate pretty much nailed it in her own summary of the weekend

Bernadette's hands produce so much beautiful crochet and knitting, incredibly quickly!

Detailing the things we did can't possibly convey all this. The Scheepjes team, and the group they have put together, have become an important part of my professional life and support network as well as bringing interesting opportunities my way. Above all, they make me feel appreciated - something that shouldn't be underestimated.

The links below the group photo will take you to the other bloggers' websites, pop over and say hello if you get the chance - I'm sure they'll tell you more about the weekend and share lots more photos. I have more pictures to share too, so keep an eye on my Instagram feed and 'stories' throughout the week.

Back row, L to R: Job aka Mr Scheepjes, Dedri, (Video) Esther, & Bernadette / 3rd row: Kirsten, Susan, Maria, NerissaJellina
2nd row: (Red) Esther, Christa, Atty, Me / Front: Tatiana and Carmen 
Stay tuned over the next few days for information about a new pattern release as part of 'YARN - The After Party' (it's something I designed for Scheepjes a while ago and which is being published as a printed pattern booklet and a PDF), and I'll also have more from the Festive Gift Guide, including another giveaway.  


  1. This was beautiful Sarah! I think you summed up appreciation and gratitude of multiple aspects of your life in a lovely way.

    1. Thank you Amanda. I find it overwhelming to try to put into words so I'm glad the sentiment came across :)

  2. Aww, I think you found the perfect words Sarah! I was once part of a company that was BIG on sisterhood and you are totally right, feeling supported, nurtured and appreciated by a group of like-minded women can just about cure all ails. And I feel that all the Scheepjes Bloggers provide that feeling for so many fiber-crafters around the world, probably without even knowing that you do. I, for one, will be eternally grateful to Kirsten. Her granny shawl using Stonewashed xl was my first introduction to Scheepjes yarn, and her blog is where I learned about the Last Dance CAL. I've made some amazing friends through that CAL, not to mention my obsession with Scheepjes had increased about a thousand-fold lol. I really really wish all of you lovely ladies could do a tour of Australia one day... xxx

    1. It's so lovely to hear this - I'm sure Kirsten would be delighted to have made a difference for you. She is so lovely. Thank you xxx

  3. In the words of Mr Craig Revell-Horwood........ GORGEOUS DARLING!

    Seriously a lovely lovely post and that shawl is to die for!


    1. Thank you Louise. It's hard to express the feelings, sometimes!

  4. A lovely post Sarah! It seems like such a great group to collaborate with. I follow several Scheepjes bloggers and find you all to be so inspiring and creative. Greetings from across the pond in Virginia! --Rita Z.

  5. Felt very emotional reading that! So glad you had a lovely time dear lady xxxxx


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