Free Pattern: 'Spirit of Summer' Crochet Shawl

It may be the end of October, but I'm reminiscing about the last few glorious months with 'Spirit of Summer', a lightweight airy shawl made from 100g of super-soft cotton-blend Scheepjes Spirit (read more here)**.

UPDATE: By request, I've put together a 7-page downloadable PDF which includes all of the stitch tutorials for this shawl, as well as the written pattern and you can download it from Ravelry for a small fee.

If you're in the northern hemisphere, you can use the shawl to brighten up autumnal outfits when it's chilly outside but hot inside, and you have to keep adjusting your layers. (If you'd prefer to make a 'Spirit of Autumn', check out Lion, Eagle or Salmon colourways which would work really well.) If you're in the Southern hemisphere and looking forward to the return of warmer weather, you'll find it perfect for throwing on when the evening turns chilly, or the air-con is set too low.

Spirit of Summer is a great travel accessory - it folds up very small and can be worn in different ways. To top it all, this top-down triangle uses only three simple crochet stitches and is great for beginners (and perfect for knitters dabbling in crochet - photos are included if you're not sure about reading crochet patterns, and all the stitches are detailed here). It makes an easy pick-up-put-down project for more experienced crocheters so it's a great for 'travelling' in that sense too. Once the set-up is complete, there are only two rows in the pattern repeat and as each row is shorter than the one before, you'll find yourself sailing through it in no time.

Finished Size 

After blocking, the finished shawl is 150 cm (along the longest side) x 80 cm (deep). The sample is shown on a UK size 10/12 mannequin. You can easily alter the size by changing the number of stitches in the starting chain, simply increase or decrease in multiples of 5. The pattern is designed to use up two balls of yarn - if you increase the size you WILL need more yarn.


  • 100g / 420m Scheepjes Spirit** (56% cotton/44% acrylic) in 'Jay' colourway
  • 4.5 mm crochet hook for the starting chain
  • 4 mm hook for pattern
  • Needle for sewing in ends

Stitches - UK terms

  • ch - chain
  • dc - double crochet
  • sl-st - slip stitch 
If you're new to crochet, my earlier post goes through each of the stitches in detail, including slow motion videos and lots of photos - find it here.


  • Using 4.5mm hook, start with a chain of 197 stitches, then switch to 4mm hook for remainder.
  • 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc in every ch to end of row, ch1, turn.
  • 1dc in each of first 2dc, *ch5, miss 2 dc, 1dc in each of the next 3dc; rep from * to last 4dc, ch5, miss 2dc, 1dc in each of last 2dc, ch1, turn.
  • 1dc in first dc, *5dc in next ch-5 arch, miss 1dc, 1dc in next dc, miss 1dc; rep from * to last dc, 1 dc in last dc, ch1, turn.
  • Miss 1dc, 1dc into each of the next 4 dc, *ch5, miss 3dc, 1dc in each of the next 3dc; rep from * to last 3dc, 1dc into next dc, sl-st into each of last 2dc, ch1, turn. 


From this point onwards, each row decreases by one 'arch', so you are always turning the work before reaching the very end of the previous row. Photos illustrate how to start each of the rows. 

Row A: 1dc in each of the 2 sl-st, *5dc into ch-5 arch, miss 1dc, dc into next dc, miss 1dc; rep from * to last arch, sl-st into last 2 dc, ch1, turn.  

Row B:  Miss 1dc, 1dc into each of next 5dc, *ch5, miss 3dc, 1dc into each of next 3dc; rep from * to last arch, sl-st into each of next 2dc, ch1, turn. 

Repeat rows A and B until there is one 'arch' remaining. 


  • Repeat row A once more. 
  • One side of the triangle will be wider than the other (as pictured below, where the right edge is slightly wider), so after the final turn, continue to work 1dc into each st along the narrowest edge. 
  • At the end of the row you should have enough yarn remaining to work at least one more border row: Ch1, turn, *1dc into each st; rep to centre st, 3dc into centre st, 1dc into each st to end. 
  • Fasten off yarn and sew in all ends. 
  • Wash and block to size. 
I hope you enjoy making and wearing your shawl. Please feel free to tag me on Instagram (@craftsfromthecwtch) and to use #spiritofsummershawl when you post your photos of the project or your finished item.

**Yarn for this project was supplied by Scheepjes. If you like this shawl and purchase yarn using the affiliate links below, thank you - you are helping to support the production of more free-to-access patterns. A further selection of my knitting and crochet patterns are also available to purchase here and here.

Affiliate links:  Scheepjes Spirit is available at Deramores,  Wool Warehouse and other stockists.


  1. I love it - thank you so much - just waiting for the yarn to be in Wool Warehouse

    1. Fab, you're welcome - which colour are you making, Maggie? x

  2. I've used this pattern twice and both times the last arch is always off center :/ I know this is an old post but was wondering if you had any tips or could tell me what I'm missing lol Thank you!

    1. Hi Rhonda, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to hear it hasn't quite worked out. No one else has mentioned the same thing, and honestly I can't remember now, and don't have my original project notes to hand, but when you do the starting chain, there should be the right number of stitches for an odd number of arches (pattern repeats) - if you check that, then it should work out fine. :)

  3. When u say work 5dc in the arch is that in arch space r the stitches?

    1. Hi Christine, work into the arch space, not the stitches.


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