Question of the Week: Our survey said...

Partly for fun, and also to get to know more about them (you?!), followers of the CftC Facebook page were recently asked a question about the number of projects they were working on. Followers were invited to respond easily by using the Facebook 'like' emojis. This meant there were six different options to choose from - 'Just 1', '2 to 5', '6 to 10', '11-25', 'Over 25' and 'Too Many'.

Over 140 people took the time to respond and the results were interesting, if not totally unexpected.

I'm no statistician but have drawn the following conclusions from this little experiment: 
  • 103 people had between two and ten projects on the go - you really are a polywipamous lot!
  • Of those 103 people with up to ten projects, they didn't feel that was too many. 
  • Only 14 replied that they had "too many" (although we don't know the specific number). 
  • 13 people had more than eleven projects on the go - I wonder how they keep a track of them. If you are one of these people, please leave a comment and let me know!
  • 13 was also the number of respondents who are working on just the one project. Honestly, I didn't think it would be as high as that. (How do you manage it???) 
A few people also left comments. Fiona from Kelly's Krochet said:
[T]hey multiply you know, as soon as our backs are turned they hook up and make tiny little new WIPs.
While Beth had a great way of 'fudging' her reply:
A half finished granny square skirt half a knitted cat to and a completed one to sew up... well they are the ones in plain view.
So I'd like to extend the invitation to reply here (in the comments) if you missed the post. If you use Facebook there's a new question on the page this week too - you can find it here. I love how people are trying to get their friends to 'fess up and look forward to reading your replies! 


  1. Too many was 16 But i have whittled it down to 10 and only started 2 since. So really 12 hahaha :)

    1. I'm impressed at your FOs this week! Keep up the good work 😂

  2. Oh my, I'm not even sure.. I have 3 commission WIPs, the big green cardigan, LDOTB blanket, another blanket which is waiting for an edging, half a sock, two shawls which aren't even nearly done..! So that's 9 already and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten about a few WIPs (or woops, rather) And I'm waiting to cast on several projects too.. eek!

    1. Hahahah. Sounds like me. Honestly I'm afraid to count!

  3. Just the one. A cross-stitch of The Giant's Head, Heligan. I prefer to work on one thing until it's done. I've been polywipamous before and it's not productive for me.

    1. I'm interested to know the location of your crafting, then. Do you always work on things in one place or is it a portable project? One of my main reasons for having multiple WIPs is so that I have different things for different occasions/locations (car knitting, things that are small and portable, bigger projects for at home etc.)

  4. I like to have only one row of WIPs on my ravelry notebook, so anything more than 7 is too many for me. I currently have 7 WIPs!

    1. Oh that's extremely organised! Impressive level of detail in your decision making!!!! X


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