How FOMO influenced my new (brioche hat) design

Being an 'indie' designer suits me well. I don't usually submit designs to magazines because I prefer to work at my own pace, without imposed deadlines, and with only myself to please. However, on my last visit to the Netherlands I saw a preview of the introductory issue of YARN, a collectable "book-a-zine" from Scheepjes, available in English and Dutch. Issue 1 - The Sea Issue* - was beautifully photographed and produced (thick matt paper, stitched pages, great styling and content), and packed full of stunning projects. It's no secret that I had a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) about turning down the opportunity to submit a design for it. Frankly, I was gutted - this is exactly the type of publication I want my work to be in and I felt like an idiot for missing out.

Luckily that wasn't to be the only issue and so in the midst of my Brioche frenzy (back in the spring) I came up with a unisex hat design for YARN issue 2 - Midnight Garden*. The publication has just hit the shops, so I can finally share this design and the lovely images from the magazine with you!

The hat uses one ball each of Scheepjes Merino Soft and Merino Soft Brush in complimentary colours (I've previously written about the yarns here and here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the samples were made before the yarn was available, there has been a mix-up with the colour codes and names printed in the book-a-zine which don't match up to the sample yarns used.  If you want to re-create either of the colourways from the samples, order using these codes and names rather than those listed in the printed pattern:

- She wears: 609 Rembrandt with 251 Avercamp (orange/brown)
- He wears: EDITED 618 Wood with 253 Potter (navy/ blue-grey). 

The correct details have been added to Ravelry and the yarns are available at Deramores*, Wool Warehouse* and other stockists. Of course you can also pick your favourite colour combination. 

You might already know that I prefer simple designs which are accessible to crafters who would like to learn new techniques, and this hat is no exception. The main body starts with single colour brioche rib to build your confidence, before switching to two-colours. The shaping is also done in a single-colour, so as well as providing visual contrast, it's easy to knit!

If you already know the knitting basics but are new to Brioche, my earlier tutorials should give you the skills and confidence you need to make this hat which comfortably fits me, my son (slightly slouchy on us) and my giant husband (as on the male model), and so would be suitable for adults or teens.


As well as my hat, the latest issue is packed with 15 other stunning knit, crochet and sewing projects from a group of designers I've come to think of as a part of my "tribe" - in fact, there isn't a single pattern I don't want to make myself and I'm not sure how I'll prioritise and fit them in! You can find all the knitting and crochet patterns listed on Ravelry and will be sure to see several of them here as WIPs (works in progress) over the coming months. 

Get your copy of the Midnight Garden issue now from Wool Warehouse. It will also be listed (very soon) with other Scheepjes stockists including Deramores and  Amazon (UK)* priced at £5.95 / €7,95. You can make the most of your delivery by adding two balls of yarn for the hat, and perhaps also a couple to try my Spirit of Summer (free) shawl pattern, published earlier this week.

Finally, here's a flick-through from Simy Somer, a Creative Director at Scheepjes...

*Affiliate links are included in this post. Thank you very much for using them when ordering. Copies of YARN Issue 1 are still available at Wool Warehouse at the introductory price of £4.95.


  1. I just love your design. Especially the snoggy picture. Winter days just ask for snuggles and hats and crochet blankets!

    1. Ditto Esther - that bag!!! And Bert!!! Beautiful! I think we should all be very happy and proud to be a part of this. I love the snoggy picture too xxx


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