iKnitting (aka ‘if knitting were possible in iOS’)

Did you ever blip your car keys at the front door, waiting for it to unlock? Or how about wanting to Ctrl+Z when you say something stupid you wish you could take back? My husband and I have often talked about how we wish real life had some of the handy shortcuts that our computers and gadgets do.

After writing about the new LoveKnitting iPad app to help manage patterns and projects, and reading some feedback and user 'wishlists', I got to thinking about the different aspects of knitting (or crochet) that would be easier if life were like an iOS operating system.

Knitted Emojis - image (c) letsgetcrafting, pattern by Nicola Valiji, available at letsknit.co.uk

Here are my personal most wanted "iKnitting" features:

1. Pinch to zoom on tiny stitches when using small needles, and see them magnified (tap to focus if you have bad eyesight!)

2. Made a little mistake? No problem, just Ctrl + Z to 'tink'/undo individual stitches.

3. For a bigger mistake, shake the project to completely frog (undo) it and start again.

4. Copy and paste complicated pattern repeats.

5. 'Saving' your work will put in an automatic lifeline, so you can get back to this point if you make an error later on.

Yes, that would certainly make life a lot easier.... although I'm still not sure what auto-correct might do to a project using drop stitches.

What are the shortcuts that you'd like to apply to your craft?


  1. Wouldn't it be great if you could highlight areas of a particular colour and change them to a different colour?

  2. The only problem with this is that now I want them to be real! I would have a project reboot functionality - so I could pick up a WIP from 2 years ago, and know which hook I'd been using and where I am in the pattern without having to resort to trial and error/frogging. And some info about the yarn, as I've usually discarded the ball band 2 years ago when I put the project away and have no idea how to wash it! xx

    1. Oh yes, I'd love that one too! I do *try* to keep notes with my pattern, and use a bit of washi tape or something on the pattern, but it doesn't always work. This would be very helpful!

  3. All these ideas are so great! I'd take Elsie's idea one step further and have my work connected to a computer screen that showed the pattern and highlighted the place in the pattern as I worked, moving right along in the pattern as I completed stitches and rows. No more check marks in the margins of my patterns or stitch counters that I forget to change.

    1. Oh that would be awesome as it would work both ways - love it!

  4. I would like a 'beautifying' app which would smooth out lumps and bumps and slight mistakes that I only notice once I have finished!!!!

    Oh and one which magically makes a garment fit and look gorgeous! Too many times I have loved the pattern picture but not loved it on me!!!!!

    1. Oh nice! I'm behind those too. They would be great. I rarely make garments for this reason - you don't see them on 5'3" chubby models so they never do look the same! 😂


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