5-Step Crochet Hook Hack, with Sugru

I have various old crochet hooks that I don't use. I bought them before I could really crochet and, frankly, before I knew there were more comfortable alternatives. When I wrote about Sugru recently, I said I'd been using it to fix broken items but that it can also be used to 'hack' or improve things. Well, after finding my new rubber-gripped hooks to be supremely comfortable I wondered if it would be possible to upgrade some of those old hooks with the addition of new Sugru* handles. The answer is that it is not only possible, but also very easy and can be done in about 5 minutes, plus drying time.

If you'd like to do the same, you'll need just a couple of packs of Sugru, in your chosen colour(s) and a hook you'd like to improve. You'll also need scissors to open the packets and somewhere to wash your hands.

STEP 1: Wash your hands and wipe the hook to make sure it's free from oil, dust, and lint.

STEP 2: Open the foil packs (it's a little bit smelly when you first open it, but don't worry, that fades when it has hardened into rubber). 

STEP 3: Roll the Sugru in your hands to soften, just like you would with plasticine. If combining colours for a marbled effect like I did, ensure to squash them together and mix it up! 

STEP 4: Shape the Sugru around the hook into your desired shape (I used my favourite hook as a reference), ensuring to smooth out any fingerprints. After covering the size which was printed on handle, I used a pencil to make a series of dots to denote the size, but you might have another way of doing this, or may prefer to colour code different hooks.  (This one is 4.5 mm, the right size for making my brand new Soundwaves Crochet pattern, launched a few days ago!)

STEP 5: Leave to dry for 24 hours. Be sure to clean your hands of any residue.

VOILA! After 24 hours you will have a pretty hook with a soft rubberised handle. Perfect for hours of comfortable crocheting. Once you've tried this, you will probably want to use it for other projects too - head on over to my earlier post where you'll find more project inspiration plus links to tutorials and hacks and a colour-mixing guide. 

Find Sugru at various retailers or order direct to get 10% off your order


*Sugru supplied the product for this post and affiliate links are included. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. 


  1. Oh this is awesome. I've revamped hooks using some Sculpey polymer clay before but this looks so much more comfy!

    1. Yes, this is more comfy than polymer. You should play with some - it's fab!!!


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