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This morning I waved the kids off for the final day of term with mixed emotions. In September, My Boy, who excitedly celebrated his "double-digit birthday" just a few days ago, will be going back into Year 6 - his final year at Primary School, and for Little Miss - my baby - this is the last day of Key Stage 1 (the 'Infants'). I'm not sure how that all happened. When they get home, it will be the start of six weeks holiday. Six long weeks of their cheeky faces, incessant chatter and enthusiasm (for causing chaos). Of meeting up with friends, little outings and a family break. But also six weeks of working out what to feed them (three times a day, plus snacks), refereeing their squabbles, and attempting to strike a balance between boredom (which is good for them) and keeping them entertained. It's a real juggling act, and I don't always feel I'm a 'natural' at this aspect of the job. 

For this reason, I already have a few things tucked up my sleeve. In fact, throughout the rest of July and August, I'll be posting a series of Summer Activities - things that we will be doing, and which might help if you're running out of ideas yourself. The first (in fact, it's my already-always-fallback for wet weekends and "I'm boooooooored" moments) is Creativebug*. 

There are a huge number of different projects which your children can do with your supervision, or on their own (depending on their individual age/ability, of course) ranging from building a no-sew TeePee to dying with Kool-Aid, making collages and wall art, watercolour painting, creative doodling, making puppet theatres and costumes. There are also some lovely origami and colouring classes which my children enjoyed. 

Like me, Little Miss is a Lisa Congdon fan! 
If you're a subscriber, login to your account, and you'll see that the kid-friendly activities are already grouped into an easy-to-find collection and new classes have been added. If you don't subscribe, you can get a free one month trial (that's most of the holidays, folks!) using this link and the code SUMMERFUN.  As well as access to all of the Creativebug content during that time, you can choose one free class to keep - and there are lots of lovely things for you too... when you get some time to yourself - maybe the Sailor Top or Dopp Bag that I enjoyed so much, or one of the knitting or crochet classes! 

Stay tuned here and on Instagram for other 'Summer Activities' posts and ideas. I'll be using the tag #cftcsummerfun - feel free to join in if you would like to share some of the fun things you're doing too. 

*I'm a huge Creativebug fan and have written about various classes on other occasions, which you can find here. I'm also an Affiliate, which you can read about here. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

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