Designer Bootcamp starts TODAY!

Have you ever wanted to design something, but you just didn't know where to start? Or maybe you have been working on a few ideas and are not sure what to do next? Perhaps you're too scared to put your ideas "out there", or maybe, like me, you are so busy doing other things that your own projects constantly get pushed to the back of the queue. If so, Designer Bootcamp might be just what you need!

Designer Bootcamp is a 12-week email series hosted by Joeli of Joeli Creates. Weekly emails will guide you from the initial idea to publishing your pattern, taking you through all of the stages from yarn selection to pattern promotion. In addition there will be weekly Q&A sessions and more in-depth trainings on various topics related to a successful pattern launch. (The content is aimed at knitting design, but crochet designers joined last year's camp and also launched their patterns successfully.)

You can join in with Designer Bootcamp for free (register here) and there is also an optional Workbook (ebook format) which you can purchase for more detailed coverage without waiting for the instalments, worksheets and access to an exclusive Facebook group so you can chat with other participants and get additional support, as well as keeping yourself accountable. 

I've already published a small number of 'indie' patterns, but as my time is increasingly spent working on blog content and commissioned designs, it seems the vast stack of ideas in my design journal (pictured above) continues to grow without many being turned into published patterns. You'd probably be shocked if you could see how many designs are at the point where I could cast them on (swatches are done, sketches and calculations finished, design decisions made) but something else always seems to take priority. So I'll be using the Bootcamp as a way of keeping me accountable and on track to launch a new pattern ready for Autumn, although I'm not sure what it will be yet! 

If you'd like more information on taking part, check out Joeli's short video below and then head on over to Joeli's website to see the list of weekly topics and to sign up if it's something you think you'd like. Maybe I'll see you there. 

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