Last Dance on the Beach Crochet-along - Week 8

I do hope you are enjoying the LDOTB crochet-along as much as I am. I've been focussing on bringing you the new motif each week, without sharing my own progress but I will, I promise. Over the last week I've been getting further side-tracked by my new-found love of crochet (inspired by this CAL) and I managed to design a little crochet shawl too, which is quite exciting. While doing that, I've been watching beautiful squares pop up across the social media platforms. The heart motif was very popular and many people took Maria's stitches and used multiple colours, or incorporated their own ideas too. If you haven't seen the motifs I'm talking about, it's worth checking out the Facebook groups and Instagram tags (links all listed below). 


This week's motif uses trebles and front-post trebles to create a highly textured (but not too difficult) waffle pattern. If you're wondering what that has to do with the beach, do check out the link to the designer's post below.


Jellina Verhoeff is a Dutch Maker and Designer with a strong personal style which typically combines bold colours with strong geometric design elements - it is no surprise to me that her square is made up of smaller squares! She seems to have mostly escaped being photographed when we've been together, but here you can see her 'photo-bombing' Atty (from week 4 of the CAL) - when I think of her, this is how I see her in my mind, smiling and with a twinkle in her eye.

Jellina has an online shop where she sells finished creations, and a blog where you'll find lovely free patterns - for some posts you may need a translator but even without the text, the images are worth visiting. Read about Jellina's (bi-lingual) inspiration for the motif here. I spoke to her about a feature on this blog just before Wink's death, and in light of that, it fell off my list - I really must rectify it as I'd love to show you more of her projects and to talk about her design process. 


You're familiar with it all by  now, I'm sure but these are the links you need this week:
- Download the English and Dutch patterns here.
- Video support from Esther 'It's all in a nutshell' can be found here in both languages and for left- and right-handed crafters. 
- Join in with CAL Facebook communities in either the English or Dutch language. 
- The Instagram tags are #lastdanceonthebeach and #Scheepjescal2016 - use these when you post, so we can see your progress! 
- Official Scheepjes yarn stockists in the UK are Wool Warehouse* and Deramores*. If you're not sure which you might prefer,  you can read my comparison of Merino Soft and Colour Crafter here


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    1. It's a lovely square - I can't wait to give it a go! Hope you enjoy 'your' week :) x


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