Last Dance on the Beach Crochet-along - Week 4

How are you getting along with your squares? Judging from the reactions on social media, it would seem that last week's clusters and cables motif seemed daunting for quite a few people, but once they had it sussed, they loved it. I feel the same. Despite initial reservations about my ability, I was really pleased to find it easier than expected, and managed to figure it out from the written pattern. My advice is to give it a go, take your time, and to count the stitches after each row (more tips below**).

I am sure that many of us will have 'levelled up' significantly by the end of the crochet-along and last week's motif really built my confidence. Wink referred to me as 'the best knitter in the world' (ha!) and took part in some of my knit-alongs, but it is this crochet project in her memory that has really turned me onto crochet - and while I am enjoying the process so much it is also a bitter-sweet project. I feel that I'm on the road to becoming 'a knitter and crocheter' not just a 'knitter who can do a bit of crochet'. And so onto this week's motif.

After last week, this lovely instalment certainly looks achievable. It uses different variations of the treble crochet stitch (from half treble to triple treble) to create a series of undulating waves - perfect for our Last Dance on the Beach! 
The lady behind this week's motif is a talented designer, with a very distinctive style. If you are a crochet fan, you will probably know of Atty Van Norel, her blog 'Atty*s' and her shop already. If not, I will tell you that Atty has been crocheting since she was eight - her grandmother taught her - and when her own children came along she started making lots of beautiful things for them - everything from clothing to accessories to beautiful homewares. 

Photo Credit: Atty Van Norel
Since then, crochet has become a major part of Atty's life - she regularly publishes colourful patterns (including lots of flower motifs) as well as great step-by-step tutorials. If you're not one of the thousands who already follow her on Instagram, I'd certainly recommend you take a look. Her pictures, like her projects and indeed her personality are full of colour, vibrant with life, and have a lovely bohemian vibe. You can read Atty's heartfelt note to Wink on her blog today. 

- Download the PDF (written and charted pattern) in English or Dutch here
- Extensive videos - in both English and Dutch - by Esther/'It's all in a Nutshell' can be found here
- There are also English/International and Dutch Facebook groups where you can join in the conversation, post pictures and really get to feel a part of this huge international CAL. 
- Remember to tag your photos on social media with #lastdanceonthebeach and #scheepejscal2016.
- The official CAL kits can be ordered from Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*, and other Scheepjes stockists. If you would like to make your own colour packs, using in-stock colours (like me) then you can also find individual balls of both Merino Soft and Colour Crafter (comparison post here) at the same places. NOTE: At the time of writing, Colour Crafter is on sale at Wool Warehouse* for £1.99/100g ball - click this link to see the in-stock colours. 

** There are some great tips on Tatsiana's blog, and some more tips on the Facebook group for using a marker in the stitch you need to work after the front post stitches (you need to be in the group to see the image). Personally, I just counted the stitches from the back, making sure to leave TWO stitches where the front post dtr stitches are - that was sufficient. If you're still figuring Tatsiana's square out, I hope that will help. 


  1. Hi, Sarah! I'm not on Facebook so I've not been able to see the posts about this CAL. (I'm doing it with the advice each creator offers and Esther's help.) I was wondering whether Scheepjes had posted any information on how many people it estimates are participating in the CAL. I see many of the kits and individual yarns are sold out (I bought mine on the first day the kits became available because I suspected that might happen). It'd be fun to know how big this CAL really is. It's surely a testimony to how much Wink was loved by everyone in the crochet community. Thanks for all your help with the CAL! Judy

    1. Hi Judy, lovely to hear that you'e enjoying the CAL. I am not sure exactly how many people have bought kits or are participating, but I am pretty sure it's well over 10,000 and the number of people in the groups is more than double that I believe. Towards the end of the CAL I'll try to pull some data together and will post what I can, but it's BIG! I'm so pleased that we are all able to honour Wink this way :) x

  2. Hi Sarah, just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you for introducing me to this CAL on your blog. I was a real beginner when it came to crochet but with your enthusiasm and Esther's videos I have felt enabled to give this a go! I am loving it . I'm on week 3 because I'm so slow but it's a steep learning curve and I am beginning to feel a bit more confident. Thanks again, without you I would not have known about this. Happy crocheting.

    1. Hi Angie, it makes me so happy to read this - thank you for leaving the comment. It's great to read that other people are gaining confidence and having a good time with the CAL too. Enjoy! xx


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