Handmade Wardrobe Project Reprisal - an 'Improv Thing' (Part 1)

You may recall that last year I was enthusiastically working on my 'Handmade Wardrobe Project'. Then the summer holidays happened.... then it was the Back to School chaos .... followed by Christmas prep... At some point, my project plans had evaporated, and I barely even noticed. Until last weekend when I found myself watching the Me-Made-May posts pop up on Instagram and various blogs. It's still something I want to do, and I need to make the effort to do it. My 'birthday yarn' seemed like a good place to start. The thing that often holds me back (in craft and life) is over-thinking, over-planning, and then losing interest (this happens to me ALL THE TIME!) so without a clue what I was doing to make,  I picked up some needles and cast on - I started with three stitches, 100g of yarn and some stitch markers. By the time my 100g of yarn had run out, I had arrived at this point:

Yarn: Dusted Dream Cakes in Sunlit Meadow from Easy Knits
I'm pretty sure it wants to become a cardigan - and after playing with the app and 'pencil' I mentioned a few days ago, the next stage is to add some plain grey yarn from my stash to make sleeves, and elongate the fronts and back. The sketch is a general idea, I'm not sure whether it will look much like that by the time I've finished, as it'll be a case of seeing how it goes. I have 200g (960m) of yarn in the grey... so I'll see where it takes me. Even if it's not a 'design success' at the end, the process is so much fun! When I've had time to do more work on it, I'll let you know how it's going. 

So tell me, do you like to improvise too? Or are you a stickler for following a pattern? 


  1. I have the same problems and I get bored/discouraged with repeating patterns like granny squares that get bigger as you go. I usually improvise a lot and break my large projects up into smaller sections - like making an afghan out of nine inch wide panels. If I get bored with the pattern or just plain don't like it for a large project then at least I've made a scarf (and have an excuse to get more yarn since I obviously no longer have enough!)

  2. It has knitted up so pretty! This was your Noodle yarn right? I can see it turning into a cardie very nicely.
    I'm more of a tweak the pattern kind of gal than a complete improviser, I admire your courage.

    1. Hi Julia, yes - it was the one that looked like noodles :) x

  3. I improvise a lot. Totally against my name! Regula


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