Displacement Activity (or 'shopping instead of blogging')

Displacement activity noun - an unnecessary activity that you do because you are trying to delay doing a more difficult or unpleasant activity. 

Since my last post, I've been working on a few new designs. I'm pleased to say that one knitting pattern is finished and being tested, and the sample is awaiting photography - you'll be able to see it in a few weeks. Another commission / collaboration has left me playing around with some delicious new yarn (about which I am sworn to secrecy) and the possibility of beads - yes, beads! (Me!) There's also a third design which is still at the 'maths' stage - let's just say I'm procrastinating on that one. 

With all of this secret stuff happening 'behind the scenes' I haven't had much to write about. Several times I've sat at my desk, fingers poised over keys, and found I had nothing interesting to say. And each time, instead of blogging, something else happened. Something which only became apparent when the postman arrived yesterday, loaded down with packets and parcels and a sarcastic comment. You see, I seem to have developed a startling displacement activity - I've been shopping instead of blogging!

Stay Curious print by Helen Dardik on Crafts from the Cwtch blog
'Stay Curious' Limited edition print from Helen Dardik on Etsy*  - check out the envelope!!!! 
It started with legitimate purchases - some knitting needles in sizes I need to use for the designs, some different beads (to try) and so on, then came a few patterns I wanted to buy in order to support the designers, even though I have no time to knit them... before long it had spread to unnecessary but lovely things like new yarn (like I need more yarn, but a limited release of Easy Knits Dusted Dreams in gradient cakes - say no more!) and a gorgeous print from an artist I'd been following on Instagram.

Luckily it's my birthday next weekend, so I've handed some of the parcels over to my kids and told them they can give them to me as gifts. It made me feel a bit better. And today, instead of browsing Etsy* when I sat at my desk, I quickly set about writing this post. I do hope you'll forgive the lack of crafting in it.

*Etsy Affiliate. 


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