Birthday Yarn Cakes and Pencils

It was my birthday yesterday and, as usual, I was spoiled rotten. To start things off, a bright red Fiat 500X arrived unexpectedly early on Tuesday (bittersweet as my beloved PT Cruiser had to go, but it was time for something more economical to run/service/tax, and with a turning circle smaller than a mid-sized yacht). So I've been out and about more than usual this week, breathing in the new car smell before it's replaced with the odour of yarn or Schnauzer. This involved neglecting my blog for a few days and falling behind with my projects but I won't apologise, as it's been lovely to have a break from the computer and to enjoy the spring weather. As a result of a 'break' I'm now itching to start a new project. 
yarn knitting
Dusted Dream Cakes in Sunlit Meadow from Easy Knits
With a wheat intolerance, my perfect birthday 'cakes' came in the form a gradient set from Easy Knits. Aren't they lovely? (This is one of the things I ordered 'from the kids' while procrastinating - My Boy thinks they all look like noodles). As well as being beautiful, I love that the five mini-balls come ready to knit (winding yarn is my least favourite part of knitting).  I'm going to be delving into my knitting journal to see which of my long list of projects to cast on with it. I can't wait to get it on the needles - those stitches are going to look beautiful. 

My favourite Papermate pencils* and my new Walnut Pencil* by 53
The other surprise, which has kept me busy for the last 24 hours, is something else 'from the kids' (organised by D). Although I don't have a lot of time for it these days,  I really love doodling and sketching and have been hankering after an Apple Pencil*. As I don't have a new iPad Pro*, that's not an option, but they got the best alternative - the 53 'Pencil'* which connects to the 53 Paper app on my iPad Air* via bluetooth. Even with my screen protector (it's recommended not to use one with the Pencil) it works well to draw, erase and blend as if using a pencil, marker pen, writing pen, watercolour brush etc. (I found - a great blog containing tips and tutorials on all of the above.)

The app could be a bit more advanced (there are others I prefer, which are dedicated drawing apps - the latest version of Paper is also trying to be a list manager/office tool), but for everyday doodling and sketching it's perfectly workable, and it's possible to get surprisingly detailed drawings using the zoom function. The Pencil is tactile and weighty so it feels really natural in the hand (mine is the walnut version) and indeed it seems much less like a stylus than a proper drawing tool - the ad (see it here*) sums it up perfectly. I'm looking forward to playing with it some more, and you should probably expect some more of my doodles to crop up in on Instagram, if you're following. 

To all those who took the time to send birthday wishes via social media - THANK YOU! I think I managed to reply to everyone, but if not, please know that your kind thoughts and comments are much appreciated. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! :-) The yarn is beautiful. Regula

  2. Glad u had a great day. New car smell is one thing but I wouldn't complain about new yarn smell either :) Schnauzer on the other hand 😂😂😂

  3. YES to yarn cakes as birthday cakes!! Hope you had a lovely one Sarah! :)


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