Beginner's Beaded Bracelet (10 Step Tutorial)

There are few things better than a quick simple project for a Monday morning - something you can finish in minutes and wear (or gift) immediately. After a busy weekend, Little Miss was feeling jaded this morning and before she went to school, I pulled a few supplies from my shelf to made her a quick 'pick-me-up'. Sparkly, and including her favourite shade of blue, it was guaranteed to bring a smile to her face and worked a treat - well worth the five minutes it took to make! It was so simple, she will be able to try it herself when she gets home. If you also have that 'Monday feeling' and would like a quick fix, or you have a child who can crochet a chain, this is for you. The same method can also be used to make necklaces, little adornments to tie around jars of flowers, and many other things.



1. Start by threading a selection of seed beads onto the yarn, using the needle. (I used only 7 beads on the child-sized bracelet but threaded more as I'm going to make something else later.)
2. Push the beads a little way along the yarn, so you have some yarn free to work with. 
3. Start by placing a slip knot on the hook (pictured below).
4. Make a chain stitch by putting the yarn over the hook and pulling the hook (and yarn) through the slip knot (pictured below).


5. Repeat the chain stitch until you would like to place the first bead - this will depend on the size you are making as well as your personal taste. I worked 16 stitches. 
6. Slide one of the pre-threaded beads along the yarn until it reaches the last chain stitch you made, and then continue with the next stitch (pictured below).

7. Chain one or more stitches before adding the next bead, again this is dependent on the size and style you would like to make - I used two stitches between each bead. 

8. Continue in this way until you have the desired number of beads/ chain stitches. I placed seven beads and then continued with 16 chain stitches (being equal to the number of stitches before the first bead).
9. Leaving a small tail, cut the yarn (being careful not to loose any pre-threaded beads that may remain on it!) and pull through the last stitch to close.
10. You can simply tie the bracelet on (as we did), or if you have more time, you may like to sew a small button onto one side and make a loop with the yarn tail on the other side to use as a fastener. 

I'm pretty sure Little Miss will be making these for her friends - they look much nicer than loom band bracelets, but are no more difficult to make. I'd better order some more beads!!!!

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    1. Thanks Nerissa - it's a good combo with the yarn I think, makes it look a lot more interesting! :)


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