Leaving on a jet plane (with knitting, but no clothes!)

I'm heading out to the airport in a matter of hours and, as my scheduling has completely gone to pot, there won't be any more blog posts this weekend. You see, school holidays began a fortnight ago and I've been busy feeding, entertaining and refereeing - oh yes, the children have hit a new phase and are constantly squabbling about everything. And I really do mean everything

So it's perfect timing that I'm escaping leaving the family at home for a few days. I'll tell you all about the trip when I get back* but for now I can confirm it will involve other bloggers, a few workshops (because it's "work", obviously), plenty of yarn-smooshing and probably quite a lot of laughter too. 

We'll be away for a just couple of days and nights, so there is plenty of room in my hand-luggage for yarn. I'm planning to work on two new projects which have been sitting in my design journal for a while - one is a two-colour shawl which will continue the 'Brioche Basics' series. When I should have been ironing and packing my clothes, I was drafting and working out the increases for the pattern, and then completing the set-up rows, ready to test-knit it on the plane** and train. 

Of course, it would be foolish to travel with just one project. Who knows what could happen... I might get bored, or make a(n unfixable-while-travelling) mistake, or heaven forbid there could be a disaster with my needles (or the spares). So I've worked out a rough idea for a sock pattern too, and have yarn and needles to swatch for that. I have a calculator and pencils, loads of podcasts and my PrimeMusic app has been busy downloading lots of playlists and albums to listen to 'offline'. Of course, this also all happened when I should have been getting my clothes ready and packed - I really should get on with it now. 
*If you follow my Instagram feed you'll probably get to see where I am and who I'm hanging out with.  
**Whenever I mention knitting on a plane someone asks if that's possible with the current baggage restrictions. I can confirm that it's perfectly fine to have knitting needles (or crochet hooks) in your hand luggage or hold luggage when flying to/from a UK airport.  Here's the link which confirms it  - and as far as I know, most other places are fine too, but do check if you're not sure. The thought of my ChiaoGoos being confiscated means I usually take Knitpros which are a lot cheaper to replace if anything should happen to them, and as they are wooden and interchangeable I also take some spare tips (I've been known to break them with alarming regularity). It has never once been a problem with airport security.  


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