A blast from the past: Cwtchy Cable Armwarmers Revisited

When I decided to learn to knit cables, my first project turned into the first free pattern I published elsewhere (on both Ravelry and Craftsy).  Five years on, it is still downloaded multiple times each day and there are lots of lovely projects in the Ravelry gallery, but the worsted weight yarn I used is now discontinued. While I was on an armwarmer mission last week, a relative (who has gifted these dozens of times since I published the pattern) made a pair from another yarn - Milla Mia Naturally Soft Merino. This is a double knitting yarn, which is easier to find / substitute from stash so it seemed like a good opportunity to photograph her project and to update the pattern formatting. 

The pattern is really easy (remember, it was my first time knitting cables) and knits up quickly. It has two size options - a long and short version (23.5 cm and 19 cm respectively) and both left and right leaning cables. The new format includes check boxes so you can easily keep track of where you are, so it really is a nice simple project if you can knit in the round on double pointed or circular needles.

I like my armwarmers long and without any thumb holes - this makes them incredibly versatile, and they often double up as legwarmers for me or my children. However I know that others do like thumb holes, so I included them as an option. While reformatting, I changed the thumb hole to an 'afterthought' construction and I knit up a single short mitt in the same yarn, so you can see the difference between the two. (I don't like having a hole, but a friend who also made some, says she wears hers upside down when she wants them as 'short sleeve extenders' and this hides it - a good fix if you must have them).

You might be able to see that my knitting (the short one) is a slightly looser gauge and this is the gauge I've used for the pattern. It's worth noting that the Milla Mia is not an especially fluffy /cosy yarn and so they are not as 'cwtchy' as the original pair but the yarn is quite springy and has a nice stitch definition for cables, and most importantly, it feels soft to the touch.  

If you'd like to download the new version of the pattern, I've added it to my Love Knitting Designer page, where you can also find a selection of my other patterns for sale. I've updated the Ravelry project details too, so you can continue to 'favourite' and 'queue' them and to add your projects. Happy knitting! 


  1. I made these and still like them a lot. :-) Cables are beautiful. Regula

  2. I remember them! Yes, I really must make some more cables - you are right, they are good.

  3. Thank you for re-writing this I have just the right yarn in my stash & now I have a new project for the weekend. It means I can also have a go at the "afterthought" section without having to comit to a new sock so diolch yn fawr Sarah

    1. Hi Donna, this is a good one to try it out! It's only 12 stitches and you bind them off immediately, but for the sock you can just carry on knitting with them. I have a tute and a few blog posts on the afterthought heel too, if you haven't seen them they may be useful. xx


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