The week that flew (flu) and a problem with socks

What a week. The flu hit us on Mother's Day (!) and while I escaped with just a lingering headache and cough, everyone else was completely floored - the adage 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' seems to be true for my (gigantic) husband who is still poorly. So last week turned into a haze - of medicine, cold flannels and endless hand-washing! Aside from dog-walking, I was housebound (under children, so not even knitting) until Friday, when Little Miss was back at school and I left the males to fend for themselves to escape for an hour. I worked on my 'handbag socks' over tea with friends and enjoyed it so much that this was the only project I had at LM's ballet exam on Sunday, where I not only finished the first sock but cast on the second and knit over a quarter of it by the time she appeared with her trophy. 

Such was my level of exhaustion (in truth I was knitting in an automaton state), it wasn't until I got home that I realised the socks are completely different! I'd changed needles a few days ago to use my favourite ChiaoGoos, and must have inadvertently changed sizes too! I'm annoyed at myself, because I remember noticing that the newer knitting looked a bit bigger on the first sock, and put it down to a change in gauge (I started the first sock about a year ago), but the second sock is MUCH bigger than the first and will need to be ripped out. I'm trying not to think about it.

Sock pattern & yarn info can be found here 

Despite having two other big projects on the go at the moment, I'm very tempted by the Lydia blanket. Have you seen it? Designed by my friend Dedri Uys, the pattern is available for free on her blog - I got to fondle Dedri's sample at Unravel and it's just so pretty. Made from Scheepjes Cotton 8, the kit is available now from Deramores for £24.99 and is big enough to make a baby blanket, which I think would look really pretty draped over the back of a chair if, like me, you don't have a baby girl to crochet for. 

Lydia Blanket - Photo by Dedri Uys
I will try to resist long enough to get on top of the laundry mountain and general fumigation of the house! 

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