Show & Tell: How to stop Tulips from drooping

Tulips are my absolute favourite Spring flowers and have been getting me through the persistent rain and grey skies of the last week. You may already know this little tip, but I was already in my 40s (and had bought hundreds of bunches of tulips by then) before I heard it, so think it's worth sharing. Here are my tulips three days ago when they had started to droop.... 

Here are the same flowers this morning - yes, that's sunlight (it actually stopped raining!)...

Simply pierce right through the stem using a pin (Edit: only pierce, don't leave the pin in place!). I do this approximately 1cm below the flower head, as indicated below. 

These have already lasted five days, and there are a few more days of joy left in them yet - excellent value for less than the price of a coffee! If you haven't tried this before and need an excuse to buy yourself some flowers, I invite you to grab a bunch of tulips in your favourite colour and to try it out. 


  1. oo clever tip! I might just have to get some tulips so I can try it out ;)

    1. Oh how I love enabling people to get lovely things - enjoy! (My work here is done!) :D

  2. Interesting. I'll try that next time I have tulips.

  3. Replies
    1. A big like a plane flying... I don't have any idea why it works, but it does :)

  4. Your photos are looking awesome. No idea why but my comments aren't showing - let's see if this one does!

    1. Thank you so much! I did reply to some of your comments already (last night/this morning) but they were on other posts :)


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