Show & Tell: First FO of 2016 & the creative process in action

A few weeks ago, while listening to a podcast (the one that had me photographing drains) I came across the "pillow speaker" which features in a Knitsonik project (you can read more about it here). I'd never heard of a pillow-speaker, but knew I needed one - not for anything artistic, simply for listening to podcasts in bed without disturbing anyone or wearing uncomfortable headphones. After a little searching, I went for this one.* It's not the same speaker as Felicity's so I devised a little 'speaker sock' for it, which became my first 'finished object' of the year... 

It's basically a variation on a 'hexipuff' - with less stitches and an opening at the top so the spare cable can be tucked in. If you've made toe-up socks, you'll realise it's like the toe - increased to fit the widest point - followed by matching decreases. The yarn is a little scrap of the half-knit jumper I salvaged from a charity shop. It's tiny and silly but I love it! And I loved making it, which took about 15 minutes, after a few weeks where I didn't feel inspired to knit a stitch. 

Now here's a funny thing about the creative process - once I made this frivolous little thing, more ideas started coming. It is as if the seal was broken (I've been reading Big Magic* - I need to grab them quickly!). If you like colour, relaxing knits, and if you love putting your own twist to your projects, stay tuned - I am working on something I  am really excited by and I hope you will be too...  
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