Scratching an itch, or 'Further thoughts on colour inspiration'

Scheepjes Rhythm Mohair in Disco, Cha Cha and Flamenco, mug from Sainsbury's, vintage needles and fabric

Oh how I love 'matchy matchy' things. Like these tulips and this yarn. They also match a woven cushion cover I found in an antique shop while looking for vintage needles (as you can see, I found those too). With no time to knit something in these three co-ordinating colours - for now - I'm hoping the photo might be sufficient to scratch a certain itch. Let me explain.

You may remember that I made a surprising discovery a few months ago - a realisation that my yarn purchases seemed to be heavily influenced by the changes in nature that I'd photographed. At the time I posted a collage (below) which showed various Instagram photos I'd taken on my walks, and the startlingly similar yarns I'd bought, quite subconsciously, in the following weeks.

Designette Naturino in Rubia, Malabrigo Rasta in Lluvia & unmarked Manos del Uruguay yarn rescued from a charity shop  

As I have yet to use any of these purchased yarns for an actual project, I'm trying to be mindful of this interesting, but potentially expensive, trend. In fact, the bare trees and grey skies have been something of a relief as I concentrate on photographing things found around the house instead. Like these papercraft ornaments - surely they wouldn't inspire a knitting project! 

Yet, somehow, this happened - quite subconsciously... 

Scheepjes Nooodle* yarn in shade 11009, baubles from TK Maxx 

I have come to the conclusion that the tendency to bring environmental colours into my craft has less to do with being inspired by nature than becoming obsessed with anything I happen to find visually appealing. As I don't have the money (or storage space!) to match all the things with new yarn, it seemed obvious that a fresh approach was necessary. So when I chose this week's tulips (above) I selected a colour that went with the yarns already in my cupboard. If this strategy (of photographing things together) works, you can expect more 'matchy' pictures - feel free to take any colour inspiration that appeals, and do with it what you will... just don't blame me if it starts to get expensive!!!

(As for the bauble-inspired Nooodle yarn, that has become an actual project - or a swatch for a new project at least - I decided to go with the 'mini' version but I'll post more on that soon - it's likely to take a little while to finish, but I think it will be worth it.)

*Scheepjes Mini Nooodle Print yarn is available in the UK at Wool Warehouse (affiliate) - find international stockists on the Scheepjes website.  


  1. This is amazing! Your photography is so beautiful <3

    1. Thanks so much Corrie, I'm making a concerted effort to take better photos this year, I'm glad it's starting to show :)


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