New project: Brioche (knitting) in (Scheepjes) Peru

After weeks of rain, the weather in Southern England has turned perfectly wintery - bright and sunny but cold with frosty mornings. So this week I've been knitting brioche in Peru. Not the country in South America (sadly), but a very warm and snuggly - yet lightweight - yarn from Scheepjes*. Combining 20% Alpaca and 80% acrylic, Peru comes in 100g / 75m balls in a range of nine neutral shades and I can't quite decide if this one is grey or brown because it seems to change colour in different lights - when I ordered it I thought it would be more brown, but it could really be worn with / as either. Originally intended for another project, it caught my eye while learning to knit the brioche stitch and seemed like a cosy option for such a squishy stitch. 

So what am I making? After being reminded of my button-cufflinks from five years ago, I decided to whip up a really simple wrap, using some buttons (pictured) to hold it in place. As it's a very relaxing knit, I've been able to pick it up and put it down easily between other things - the basic brioche rib stitch is very straightforward, once you get the hang of it. 

To the uninitiated, the stitch could be confused for a standard 1x1 rib, but on closer inspection you can see that the stitch produces a more intricate, thick and lofty fabric with a lot of stretch. Combined with this thick and airy yarn, I think this should make a really cosy winter accessory. As it's knit on 10mm needles (12mm for cast on/bind off), it shouldn't take too long to finish and I'll be back with the completed project next week. I plan to take some step-by-step photos for you to see how the stitch works too, so stay tuned if you'd like to give it a go!

*Find links to lots of free crochet and knitting patterns using Scheepjes yarns on the Blogger Inspiration Pages, where some of my own projects are featured. 


  1. Love the sound of this! Looking forward to seeing an FO (and maybe a pattern?) xx

    1. Hi Rosie, and YES! I'm getting it finished this week and will include a little 'pattern' for it - it's REALLY simple, so it's less of a pattern than a few simple instructions really, but I will include it on the post for you xxx


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