FO Friday: Another Colourblock Shawl (with mods)

One of my most well-loved and well-worn projects is last year's Cosy Colourblock Shawl (find the free pattern here). Since knitting it I have wanted another in a more basic/ neutral colour-scheme, so when I decided to take time for leisure knitting, it was the obvious project choice. As I intend to wear it this afternoon, these pictures show it fresh-off-the-needles. The knitting will no doubt look neater after it's been washed and the edges dried in straight lines (!), but I really didn't want to wait. 

WHAT'S DIFFERENT?: This time around, I left off the fringe and the thin stripes which were in the original. Combined with the two shades of grey, this has given it a much more unisex look - before the ends were sewn in I draped the shawl around my son and it looked great so I may need to make another (smaller) one for him too! 

PATTERN MODIFICATIONS: Without the fringe, I made a few more changes to the pattern
1. The last stitch of every row was slipped with the yarn in front.
2. On the RS rows, the increase happened on the second stitch, not the first (so K1, kfb...).
3. I used a simple crochet bind off with a 10mm hook. 

4. I haven't measured it but I'm 5'3" / 1.6m and it's longer than my wingspan so I'm guessing it's around 175 cm wide, straight off the needles. The original, is a bit bigger (at 450g including fringe) and having been worn so much and wrapped around us all, it has also grown a little with use - this one weighs 350g but does not feel very much smaller.   

THE YARN: I absolutely love Stone Washed XL* - it is my favourite non-wool yarn and I use it whenever I can (and no, this post isn't in paid for by Scheepjes!). The shawl took 150g of colour 842 Smokey Quartz and 200g of colour 843 Black Onyz, both available at Deramores*, Wool Warehouse(*affiliate links) and other selected retailers.


  1. Replies
    1. It is, Una! We just got back from our daughter's school performance and everyone was complaining about the cold - but not me! :D

  2. I've just found my next project to cast on using my limited knitting skills. I want to try Stonewashed eventually but I have some gorgeous reared and spun locally merino and it's just begging to be made into a cosy shawl. Is there anything I need to be aware of or wary of, substituting Stonewashed for superwashed merino? I know it will affect the drape to a degree but I'm hoping the changes will be minimal because it's a simple pattern. What do you think Sarah?

    1. Yes, of course - you can substitute yarn very easily for this project, just be sure that you're using a needle size which gives a good drape. In other circumstances I'd say knit a swatch but for this I'd just cast on and check you like the fabric - if not, rip it out and start again on different needles until you like it. Simply keep knitting until you are happy that it's big enough.

  3. Great inspiration, rhank-you!


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