Comforting Cowl Recipe

You may remember that a while ago I needed stress-relief, and cast on a simple comforting cowl. While finishing it, I realised the same project might make a good last minute gift because it is made using small quantities of yarn and can be finished in a relatively short time. This one took just less than a day and fits an adult, or a cheeky child who is unable to resist anything soft and cuddly.

If you have still to find a last-minute gift for someone, or if you're just feeling  a little overwhelmed by Christmas and need something relaxing and meditative to knit around your family (or in-laws!), I invite you to reach for your needles and cast on...

SIZE AS PICTURED:  62 cm circumference x 27 cm high (approx. 24" x 10.5")
Make any size you like by following the recipe below. My own stitch count and measurements are provided as a baseline/guide. For example, if you want to make a long cowl which can wrap around the neck twice but which is the same height, simply double the number of cast on stitches and the total yarn amount. If you want it to double both the length and height you'll need to multiply the quantities by four.

GAUGE: Approximately 20 sts x 29 rows to 10 x 10 cm

- MC = 43 g Scheepjes Stone Washed in Smokey Quartz*
- CC = 28 g Scheepjes Stone Washed in Deep Amethyst*
- 4mm circular needles, 60 cm long
- 1 stitch marker
- Needle to sew in ends


1. With MC, cast on a multiple of 3 sts using a long-tail (or other stretchy) cast on  - I used 120 sts
2. Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist, and place the stitch marker to mark the start of the round
3. Work K2, p1 rib for four rounds
4. Work in stocking stitch for approximately 10 cm, then break yarn leaving a tail for sewing in
5. Switch to CC, using the 'jogless stripe' technique (tutorial here) and moving the stitch marker accordingly
6. Knit for a further 10.5 cm, then break yarn leaving a tail for sewing in
7. Switch back to MC (using the 'jogless' technique again), and knit for 2 cm
8. Work K2, p1 rib for four rounds
9. Bind off loosely
10. Sew in all ends

By the time you've done that, you should be feeling much more relaxed and will have a lovely cosy cowl to gift or wear too! I'll be back with a couple more posts before the new year, but if you'll be offline over the next few days, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday.

UPDATE: Stone Washed is now also available in the UK at Wool Warehouse* and in the US at Paradise Fibres* Find the full list of international stockists on the Scheepjes website. 

*Affiliate links. 

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