Things You Should Know about Periscope

Periscope is a video app from Twitter. It's marketed as a way of seeing things through someone else's eyes, via live broadcasts from all over the world. Using Periscope, you could get to experience travelling in a hot air balloon, watch a sunrise on the other side of the world, or see what it's really like to be driving a van to work in Yorkshire. Of course, you can also use it to watch people talking about yarn / knitting / crochet etc.

Anyone with a Twitter account can login to make their own broadcast - which can either be 'public' or viewed by invite (apparently, I haven't used this option). Anyone can view a public broadcast, and you get to comment and ask questions which appear on the broadcaster's screen so they can reply. There is an upper limit for the live stream and popular users are often full quite quickly once the notifications go out to their followers (I couldn't get onto the Yarn Harlot's broadcasts last week). If you miss them, you can replay the broadcast for up to 24 hours. 

Over the last few months, increasing numbers of yarn-crafters, popular bloggers and podcasters have been broadcasting little 'scopes'. Some are running a regular schedule where they show their WIPs and finished projects. Others are using it to teach and inspire, for example  Joeli - the designer, podcaster and tech editor behind Joeli's Kitchen - is running a fabulous Designer Boot Camp which includes educational and inspiring daily 'scopes. Although I don't have time to take part, I've been watching the broadcasts on replay every afternoon and yesterday Joeli was talking about insecurities and the things that stop us doing things in life.  (If you read this post shortly after it's published, you may still be able to catch it here.) Watching Joeli and the comments from live viewers, I decided to (very nervously) broadcast my own first 'scope last night.

It was terrifying at the start, and I worried I'd be sitting there talking to myself, but thanks to the lovely viewers who asked questions and gave lots of hearts*, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I spent 10 minutes talking about the Rock Those Socks make-along, showing the Lowlands Bag in more detail, and showing a really useful parcel that arrived yesterday. (For those who wanted the link, this is the one I bought. A more detailed review will follow when I've used and evaluated it properly.)

WATCH LIVE: Type comments, or tap the screen to show your appreciation
So the upshot is that after so much worry and procrastination, it was actually fun! I'm planning more. It would be lovely to 'make-along' while chatting and I'm also going to a few events which might be fun to share. If you want to follow along, you'll just need to have a Twitter account and the Periscope app, or you can click here to view my feed on your desktop computer, although I can't see a way to comment or send hearts on that.

If you're already using the app and have some recommendations on who to follow, or if you would like to suggest a topic for a broadcast, please leave a comment on this post.

*Send 'hearts' by tapping the screen as you watch via the app. If you really love something, tap the screen lots! This is how the broadcaster knows you are enjoying / appreciating it, and is a massive boost - especially when they are feeling nervous.  You can do this even if you're watching the reply, so the broadcaster can see if you've enjoyed it. 

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