Rock Those Socks Part 2: Heel placement and knitting the leg

This post is part of the Rock Those Socks Make-along and describes how to insert a place-holder for an 'afterthought' heel, and to knit the leg of your sock. My sock was knit and photographed at a crafty get-together - a lot of fun was had while making it, but the photos suffered from poor lighting - sorry! The second part of the crochet sock pattern is being published today on Maria's blog.

Following on from last week's pattern instalment, your sock should now be approximately ±5 cm less than the total foot length. Here's the important bit: Try the sock on the foot it is meant for at this point, remembering you need a little negative ease (stretch) for a snug fit. If your stretched sock reaches the point where your leg meets the top of your foot, you're ready to continue with step 5. (Numbering is continued from the previous post.) If it is baggy over your foot, the sock may be too loose, might fall down and twist around, or may not fit comfortably in your shoe. If in doubt, it's better to remove a few rounds / make it a little too small - you will have a further chance to add some additional rounds before inserting the heel, and we will cover that next week.


A small quantity (roughly 30 cm) of sock/4 ply yarn in a contrasting colour will be used as the placeholder for your afterthought heel. As it will be removed later, a smooth yarn is recommended.

5. Work the top of the sock (needle 1) in pattern
6. Using a piece of smooth scrap yarn, knit across the bottom of the sock (pictured below) 

7. Slip the scrap yarn stitches back to the left needle, and knit them again using the normal sock yarn
8. You are now knitting the front and back of the leg. Continue to work the front (in pattern) and back (plain) for two full pattern repeats

9.  At the start of the next pattern repeat, work the Chevron stitch pattern for ALL STITCHES 
10. Continue to work the chevron pattern around the entire sock for approx. 10 cm (or to desired length), finishing after pattern round 4. 

The lighting was horrible. Lots of colour pictures to follow next week!
COMING NEXT WEEK: The cuff, bind off and how to insert the heel. Yes, next week you'll have a finished sock, and will be ready to make the second! If you want to avoid 'second sock syndrome' and have spare needles, you may like to knit the other sock to step 10 before next Wednesday, and you'll be able to finish the pair the same day.  

Enjoying sock-knitting? You might like some of the other tips, tutorials and patterns in the archives, including this post which includes a list of further sock resources. 

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