Handmade Wardrobe Project 8: Up-cycled Blanket / Coat / Cape

There has been a hiatus in my Handmade Wardrobe Project since the summer, but plans are afoot for something new, cosy and woolly. I've also scheduled more interviews with inspiring makers, but there are other projects to finish first. In the meantime, mum and I were talking about the blanket coats, capes and ponchos that are everywhere right now... and decided to try some up-cycling.

We had a Tweedmill 100% wool recycled blanket (size 150 cm x 180 cm), sharp scissors, a shawl pin, belt, and an overlocker. (Well, Mum has the overlocker, so that bit was left to her.) The blanket hadn't been used and isn't very soft so I'm going to give it a soak in wool wash to see if that makes a difference to the way it feels, but here's how it turned out...

If you try something like this, I'd recommend using a heavy-duty shawl pin, which can strategically hold everything together. This one is hidden under the collar when worn as pictured top right, and the cape stays in place perfectly.

It is very warm and cosy (suitable for the coldest of days) and the style surprisingly flattering on a real body with arms. It's definitely a good up-cycling project and I'm going to keep a look out for a nice soft second-hand blanket (this Avoca throw, which I saw in real life a few days ago, would be perfect but I can't afford it *sob*).

Because someone always asks for the 'how to', here is a rough sketch which explains it all. Simply remove a small section and overlock the cut edges. As the longest sides were plain on this blanket, it was necessary to fringe and hem those too.

That's it for today - I'll be back tomorrow with the next Festive Gift Guide post, and on Wednesday with the final part of the Rock Those Socks knitting pattern. Hope to see you then. 


  1. Your blanket coat looks amazing, and is totally on trend!

    1. Thanks Stacey. It turned out better than we expected, actually :)

  2. Your blanket coat looks amazing, and is totally on trend!

  3. That is brilliant, it's turned out beautifully. I've 'pinned' it because I know that I'll be coming back to try one for myself.


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