Monochrome Update: Low-lands, high-satisfaction

Last week I showed you the inspiration for a monochrome project I came up with while visiting the Netherlands. "Netherlands" literally means 'low countries' or 'low lands' - the perfect name for a beautifully flat place with enormous skylines. It's a testament to the excellent company on my trip (travelling with fellow bloggers Dedri Uys and Heike Gittins), that I have not a single photograph of the scenery with which to illustrate this point, so I'll move straight onto the yarn and knitting...
After much deliberation (and several knit and crochet swatches), I decided to knit and to use 8 mm needles for stocking stitch. This produced a firm but flexible fabric which will work really well for this item. Plus I find stocking (stockinette) stitch to be very attractive in it's simplicity.

It's the first time I've worked with the Scheepjes Mini Nooodle yarn* and it won't be the last as it knits up really well and has a lovely texture. Some other 'fabric' yarns I've used suffer from excessive stretching and lots of loose fibres, which went all over my clothes and up my nose, but this is really nice to knit with and I haven't experienced any of those issues. I am thinking of getting more in different (bright) colours to make some cushions for the sofa in my Cwtch, but I digress.

With the stitch and needles sorted, it was time to calculate the gauge and dimensions and to write the colourwork chart. There is some irony here - in complete contrast to it's namesake, this design includes many "peaks". Here's a little look at just a few of the many triangles I'm knitting... 
This project isn't going to take too long. I'm hoping to have it bound off before the end of the week, and there will be a few more things to add before it's finished. I am really happy with it so far and so it will also be written up as a blog pattern once it's finished - I think it would make a nice (quick) handmade gift.  Have you worked out what it will be yet? I'll show you the finished item next week, and you can see if you're right.

*My yarn was supplied by Scheepjes - I first spied it when I was having a tour of their warehouse, and mentioned my idea for this project. I'm not sure whether it's currently sold by stockists outside the NL, but several of their Dutch stockists will post internationally.  


  1. Oh, already loving this (I think). I think it's wonderful that you were inspired by the trip and you're welcome back anytime!!


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