Infectious Monochrome

Since my trip to the Netherlands earlier in the year, I've had a new project in mind. While waiting to meet up with my friend Heike, I took a photo of this striking 'patchwork' rug at the hotel...
It happened to be around the time that I was obsessively sketching geometric shapes in my journal, and it occurred to me that I should make a little project which would remind me of my trip, and which would incorporate a similar design. After much deliberation, I've decided to make it monochrome (the rug also had patches of grey and beige in it) and to try some yarn which I first came across on the same trip.

The yarn is Scheepjes Mini Nooodle (with three 'o's) and is a poly/cotton, available in various different colours. Unlike many of the 'fabric yarn' products on offer, this one is produced as a yarn in its own right (rather than being an off-cut from the textile industry) and so it has a consistent width of 1.5cm. It apparently doesn't stretch excessively in the way that many others do, so I'm looking forward to trying it out. At the moment, I don't think the yarn is available outside of the Netherlands, but I'll let you know what I think when I've had a play with it, anyway and will update you on my progress next week. 

I'm still not sure whether to knit or crochet this project, so the fun phase - the sketching and swatching - is about to begin. It's so much fun playing around with the endless possibilities that this could become. 

You may have noticed that the monochrome theme has also spread to the blog header, and I've only just realised that I'm wearing black and white stripes today too... it seems to be infectious!

(My apologies for some really odd formatting on the sidebar today - something has happened, but I'm not sure what, how it happened, or how to fix it. *sigh*  It's fixed!)


  1. I like it already! Very curious to what you will make with it x

  2. Oh I love the monochrome! And you are right - so many possibilities to play around with!


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