Handmade Wardrobe Update: In which I have an idea

With our summer holiday looming, thoughts have turned to what to pack. The things I like wearing the most are (surprisingly) the garments I made over the last few weeks. Being layering pieces they will suit the changeable British weather, and they are the top of my list. Incidentally, I must learn to put things on the hangers properly *blush*.

Crafts from the Cwtch Handmade Wardrobe Project

So I started imagining how nice it would be to pack my case with at least one handmade garment for every day... but I only have five garments, clearly not enough for a week in Cornwall. Can I realistically finish enough wearable garments to have a 'Mostly Handmade Holiday'?

I've been through my modest pile of fabrics (it didn't take long) and thought about other things I'd like to make in the next week. First up, a longer length A-line tunic with the same yoke and sleeves as the Sailor Top pattern I've made twice. Update: since this post was scheduled I stayed up very late to make it. It didn't all go *quite* to plan, and when I have enough light to photograph it properly, I'll show you.

I would really like to make another dress and have a couple of lovely patterns already - Weekend Doris and Dottie Angel's Simplicity 1080. Unfortunately, there aren't enough suitable fabrics to make them and my pre-holiday budget isn't going to stretch, so that's not likely unless I can thrift a vintage sheet or something. But I do have enough 'bits and pieces' to make one or two tops (you know how I love a scrap project) and there is another knitted tunic on my needles which is almost finished too, so there is hope. 

In other news, I finished test knitting a lovely new pattern by my blogger friend Libby aka Truly Myrtle a couple of days ago and it also fills a gap in my wardrobe (and goes with my Cora handbag) although I'm not counting it as a HWP 'garment'. It's Libby's Industry Shawl which is due for release on 24th August - you'll be able to find it here after that date.

Industry Shawl by Libby Jonson, on Crafts from the Cwtch blog

As you will have noticed, the light here is terrible - it's been raining for two days - so the picture doesn't do it any justice but it's a fabulous 'knits and purls' textured pattern which uses (almost exactly) 100g of fingering weight and is easy to knit. It blocked out huge, but is small on the needles and would make a great travel project as it's pick-up-and-put-down-able. 

I'll be back with another update later in the week. In the meantime, more pictures are on Instagram


  1. Oh, I had no idea the Dotty Angels dress was asimplicity dress. I like it :-) I am kinda keen on making some sailor tops as well, think I can do it Sarah?

    1. If I can do it, anyone can. With your sewing skills you'll have a whole range in no time xx

  2. Beautiful! Another item I have OFTEN thrifted or up-cycled is any kind of table cloth! White Battenburg lace/cotton became a peasant blouse, using the decorative tablecloth corners for pointed sleeves... a vintage linen spring-green tablecloth became a long sleeveless tunic, and any mysterious stains (gravy? red wine?) became focal points for embroidered dragon-flies. Round tablecloths (or heck -- squares or rectangles too!) can have a slit or hole cut in the centre, add a hem and elastic, maybe a zipper or button to fasten, and you have a skirt!
    And then there are the a-line skirts that are a bit snug at the waist lately (no idea why??? haha)... so they became sleeveless tunics as well. I love it when my friends compliment one of my garments and I say, Thank you! It used to be a tablecloth. :-)

  3. Hi Sarah, how are you, thank you for writing your fab blog xx Can I ask where do I buy the sailor top pattern. I tried the link to creative bug but cannot find where I buy the pattern Best Wishes Norma xxxx

    1. Hi Norma, thanks for your lovely words. The pattern is included in the Creativebug subscription (or trial) so you just donwload the PDF, there is no extra charge. xxx


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