Show & Tell: A quick peek inside Cora

You may recall that a little while ago I interviewed the lovely 'solo-preneur' behind the Jordana Paige brand - if you missed it, you can read the post here. Being a bag lady, I was very keen to review one of the bags for myself (the Crafter's Tool Butler was one of my favourite giveaway prizes a few years ago so I was already a fan of the brand) and set about choosing.

It was a tough decision but I eventually decided on 'Cora'. The picture above swung it for me, as I'm sure I never manage to look sophisticated while trying to find something in my bag... but I'd like to. Grey is my favourite neutral as it can be used in any season, so I went for the 'dove grey' option.

Cora is now here and packed for my trip, which will really put it through it's paces, but I wanted to share my first impressions today as the generous reader discount runs out on June 15th (expired).

Delivery: International shipping was really fast, and the parcel got across the USA and to the UK in just a few days.  If you're in the US then it should take hardly any time at all. Unfortunately it was then held to ransom by Customs* for over a week - if you're ordering from the UK you should bear this in mind, especially if you're as impatient as I am.

First impressions: Cora arrived well-boxed and inside a branded dust bag. An optional strap attachment was included (inside one of the pockets) which allows Cora to be worn as a cross-body or as a shoulder bag. Without the detachable strap, she can be worn over the arm or carried in hand - as a point of reference, the handles are just long enough to fit over my shoulder, but I wouldn't carry her there.


After (impatiently) waiting, I am really relieved that Cora has lived up to my expectations so far. I love the look of the 'vegan leather' which has an attractive crosshatch design, and is quite lightweight (some of my expensive designer bags don't get used much as they are just too heavy when loaded up) and the lovely finish. The stitching and 'furnishings' all look very good.

Inside: This is certainly a TARDIS bag (it's bigger on the inside) and manages to fit a lot of stuff without looking like it would, thank to the clever design which includes a wide base and tapering at the sides. The inside is incredibly well thought-out with pockets for everything, so there is no need to rummage - maybe I can attempt the sophisticated look after all!

Initial impressions of the Jordana Paige Cora bag - it's like the TARDIS! Pockets for everything and much bigger on the inside!

As you can see there is a zipped pocket at the back which fits my iPad. Three slip-pockets which fit a Kindle (in a case), keys - attached to the bag by a clip, and iPhone 6. Both a small and large zipped pocket are on the inside, one of which separates the main sections so personal effects (my huge purse and journal etc) are not mixed up with everything else, and I have put two project bags (containing a 100g sock project and a 150g shawl) in the biggest section with room to spare.

The front pouch zips off to become a little clutch which I'll use in the evenings, so I won't need to take another bag on my trip. (I'm a little cautious about someone swiping this off the front while I'm travelling, so it'll probably remain free of anything more than lipstick until I use it as a clutch.) I am incredibly happy with it so far, and can't wait to use it to go to Holland.

After chatting with some Instagram friends, I'm already thinking that Quinn would be a nice option for casual days out (and there are a few in the 50% Off / Factory Seconds sale at the moment too!!!!!).
*Be sure to factor local tax rules into the price when calculating currency conversions, if you're ordering from outside the USA. (As Cora is the most expensive bag in the range, her "ransom" cost me just over £28.) 


  1. Grey is a fabulous neutral but that teal, my gosh. Want!

  2. Fabulous looking bag. Straight on to my birthday wishlist.

  3. Fabulous looking bag. Straight on to my birthday wishlist.

  4. Must admit, it is appealing to think about not having a separate project bag to cart around everywhere... And it's pretty! Going to have a look I think - it's my birthday soon :) xx

  5. Awesome review and such a great bags. I love Jordana's bags :)

  6. Great review and I love Jordana's bags :)


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