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I had great plans for May but, as tends to happen every so often, life is conspiring against them - there are numerous distractions and inconveniences which were certainly not planned. At such times, I find it's important to prioritise and I've given myself permission to let certain things slide down "the list" - many of these things are related to the blog and to new designs I'd been planning. They can wait. I hope regular readers will forgive me for not keeping to my normal schedule, and for re-scheduling some planned posts I'd already mentioned.
#cftcmakealong - Transposition Shawl WIP using #Scheepjes Soft Fun Denim
I haven't done any knitting for a while, but thankfully waiting around in hospitals (for various things, for different people - because everything always happens at once!) is quite conducive to quiet crochet and I'm making good progress with my second Make-along shawl.

The pattern is Transposition by Joanne Scrace from The Shawl Project (reviewed here). I'm making it with a heavier yarn in three different colours of Scheepjes Soft Fun Denim DK (in Blush, Taupe and Brown). Unfortunately I ran out of the second colour before I'd finished the full number of repeats on the middle section, so it's going to have a further modification, but I think it'll work out fine.

This is the first time I've used this yarn (aside from swatching), and it's incredibly soft to handle, and will be lovely to wear. Unfortunately it is quite 'splitty' which might bother me if I were knitting with sharp needles, but I'm enjoying using it with a 5mm Clover Soft Touch hook - I can live with the 'splittiness' in exchange for the subtle semi-solid colours and soft texture, and being cotton/acrylic it's  easy-care.

I'll likely be waiting around again for much of Thursday, so there should be another finished project to show you before the end of the week. You can also follow along with this and the other participant's projects on social media using the tag #cftcmakealong.  I can't believe quite how relaxing crochet has become this month, although I'll probably always think of these 'make-along' projects as "the hospital shawls"....

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  1. What a gorgeous yarn! Love the color and the stitch definition!


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