Ta-dah: Northmoor Lock ( #cftcmakealong )

I haven't had time to soak and block it yet (the truth is might wear it before I do) but my Northmoor Lock shawl for the make-along is finished. The make-along is intended to challenge participants to expand their skills, and the crocheters amongst you may be wondering why I chose this when I've already posted numerous crochet projects, some which have used more complex stitches than this one.

The thing is, I have had a total mental block about written crochet patterns. Making the stitches is no problem, and reading/ following charts isn't an issue, but put a written pattern in front of me, and my brain goes into panic mode. As the lovely designer is far too professional to tell you, this was no different. I spent an evening in mild panic despite the clear instructions. So I am very happy to have finished it without any problems at all (once I got going).

It was quite bright when I took these photos, so the yarn looks a little washed out compared to the true colour, but I wanted you to see the pink/lilac and yellow flecks which are visible in the finished shawl.

#cftcmakealong Northmoor Lock shawl. Pattern by Joanne Scrace. Yarn died for the make-along by The Captain and Lovely

Finally some feedback for anyone considering this pattern and yarn.
  • After swatching I decided on a 5mm hook for this yarn, which works up more like a DK than a 4 ply/ fingering weight, but still had plenty of yarn in one skein, in fact there is a little bit left. 
  • This pattern can be worked any length and width - it's very easy to modify. I haven't checked against the original, but wanted mine to be quite long and thin. This was easily achieved, using the pattern as a recipe for the increases/decreases and the shapes along either edge. 
  • It worked up really quickly. I spent just a couple of hours on it when I first started and then just picked it up a few minutes at a time (after carrying it around in my handbag) - before I knew it, I was almost done. This would definitely make a great last-minute gift project and I can imagine whipping one up on Christmas Eve! 
  • It seemed much more portable than a knitted shawl as I wasn't worried about dropping stitches, and when I did make a few mistakes (my increasing was too fast at first) it was really easy to rip those rows out and do that bit again. 
  • Mine isn't perfect (some was done in the car on a journey and I wasn't concentrating enough), but I think it's a very forgiving design and once it's wrapped around my neck a few times, I doubt anyone would really notice the couple of 'quirks' that mark is as handmade. 
All things considered I am really very happy with it! A great first crochet shawl... and now I'm deciding which I should be my second - I'm planning to start tonight. If you would like to see the other FOs (and WIPs) so far, head on over to the Ravelry group

I am compiling the make-along giveaway details and will include them in my next post (I've been busy with a few deadlines, and have fallen behind with the blog) so keep an eye out for those - if you haven't joined in yet there is still plenty of time. You can find the details here


  1. It came out great...congratulations on your first one...

  2. Those little nobby points give this a while, Little Women/Victorian vibe.

  3. Well don! I like charts more than written instructions. :-)

  4. Wow, that was quick....mind I like that about crochet....sounds like my kind of thinking whipping up last minute presents on christmas eve....its a staple for me! Pretty scarf¡

  5. It's lovely - what gorgeous yarn! I think your point about crochet being more portable than knitting was the main reason I moved to crochet as my main craft - I lost so many knitting projects halfway through when my needle slipped and I couldn't face picking all my loops back up. I'm working on a super-quick tunisian crochet cowl at the moment - I love a quick project, I'm halfway through after one train journey and one lunch hour! xx


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