Thrifting: DIY Yarn (from old sheets)

Thrifting: old sheet to yarn
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Following on from my Upcycled Festive Candle Holder post, I was invited to join in with the latest Stitch Craft Create blog hop.  Thrifting is the theme for the January edition of the SCC magazine, which includes lots of different upcycling projects (and a pattern from Louise Walker's book which I reviewed here).  The magazine is usually £1.99 but if you visit the Blog Hop page, you can get it free!

I was especially interested in the instructions for knitting a rug from upcycled sheets. I don't need another rug at the moment, but the idea of making some yarn from an old sheet definitely appealed - I love taking things from around the house and turning them into something else. If you'd like to give to a try too, here's how to do it: 
Thrifting: old sheet to yarn
You'll need plenty of space to work and I would also advise getting some music, an audiobook or something to daydream about, as it's a little time consuming. A flat sheet for a single bed took me about 90 minutes to prepare. 
Thrifting: old sheet to yarn
Step 1: If necessary, iron the sheet - it'll be much easier to work with if it's not creased. 
Step 2: Cut off any hems so that only a single layer of fabric remains.
Step 3: The sheet is cut into strips leaving a 5cm (1.5") section uncut at each turn - this results in a single long length of yarn without any joins. 
Step 4: When the entire sheet is finished, wind your yarn into a ball. I made a centre pull ball so it's easier to work with. (If you don't have a nostepinne, a broom handle would work with this enormous yarn!)
Thrifting: old sheet to yarn
It knits up easily with 15mm needles. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it yet but it was a fun session spent doing something I haven't tried before.

If you're up for trying something new (any new craft you don't usually do), SCC are running a competition on social media with the tag #craftfirsttime - you can find the details here. You will also find lots more thrifty ideas in the magazine, via the other blogs taking part in the hop and by downloading this FREE thrifting ebook which contains 9 different upcycling projects to try at home. 
Stitch Craft Create
If you have any ideas for my yarn, leave a comment below! 


  1. Mmm, I might use this technique to make some yarn from old t-shirts!

  2. Oh I have an old sheet that I've been wondering what to do with...!

  3. I just done this with an old sheet. I tore it in strips and then finger crocheted the rug together. I could as just as easily crocheted it but fingers work good with the width of the fabric. I have an oval all colored one made out of my old t-shirts too. The one we made is a great big one for under my kitchen table. It works up fast and look fab! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!
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