Downsides, delays and books

Writing a blog can lead to some really nice opportunities. The downside is that you suddenly find yourself busy with things that you can't yet write about/show on said blog. "Secret" projects, if you will. I have a few of these on the go at the moment, which are delaying the planned knitting posts. Couple that with dark days - when it is never really light enough to get any decent indoor pictures - and a son with "something viral" and you end up with a somewhat neglected blog. 


But it's Wednesday, and that's traditionally been my day for sharing WIPs and books, so I figured I'd pop in with a quick update. I have some knitting progress on my Scheepjes Striped Shawl 'comfort knitting' (last seen here), although it's not quite up to date - I've worked a few more stripes since this was taken. It's lovely relaxing knitting although Archie keeps trying to sit on it while I knit (imagine slippery metal needles, smooth stitches, two different yarns, claws get the picture) which, frankly, makes it a little less relaxing.

There's nothing else to show you, but the next instalment of my "Back and forth Entrelac" series is in the works and will be along just as soon as I can get it photographed (lightbox, anyone?). Some new yarn for what I shall refer to as 'blog projects' is also on the way, and of course Unravel is a mere FIVE WEEKS away. I'll be writing more about that soon but if you can't wait, here's the link to my previous posts about my favourite annual fibre fest.

So what else have I been up to? Well there has been drawing, reading and reading about drawing and sketching. I've found lots of great books on the latter so I'll do a separate post on those, but there are three books I'm reading at the moment which I would heartily recommend. The first is A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki which I'm reading for book club. Secondly Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge which I just had to download after enjoying the TV series, but which is (naturally) much better. Finally You Can Draw in 30 Days by Mark Kistler which I'm working through for 20 minutes a day (alongside the Sketchbook class on Craftsy). Wow, that's actually quite a lot! I'll be back on Friday with a thrifty little FO. See you then.


  1. It's okay if you don't always blog on time as long as you are enjoying it when you do. :)

  2. It made me laugh to think of Archie trying to sit on your knitting. It's like, hey, that looks soft for my butt to be on.

    1. Ha! Or... how dare you touch something that isn't me!?


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