Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop: Knitted Star Motif

As regular readers will know, I've recently fallen for Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn in a big way. It all started when I cast on the Cosy Colourblock Shawl. The Leaf Collector's Mitts quickly followed, and more recently I've finished a Mini Hot Water Bottle made from left-overs (pattern coming Friday). Yes, it's Scheepjes Love with a capital L. So you'll understand I was delighted to have the chance to kick off their Christmas Blog Hop, and thought it would be fun to try a different yarn from the range... and to make something small and delicate for a change.

I knew immediately that I wanted to make a knitted star and that it would be the perfect excuse for something glitzy - Lizzy, an 80/20 Viscose/ Polyester sparkly yarn which is constructed like a very fine icord with a recommended needle size of 2-3 mm. The yarn comes in a 25g ball which is a total of 101m - a little goes a long way.  After looking up lots of different star patterns, and finding nothing that was quite right, I made up my own, as follows...


- 6.5g Scheepjes Lizzy
- 3.25 mm DPNs / circular needles for knitting in-the-round
- Pins for blocking
Stitches used:
- Knit and purl
- K2tog = knit 2 stitches together (right-leaning decrease)
- Skpsso = slip one stitch, knit one stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch (left-leaning decrease)

  • Cast on 10 sts
  • Kfb to end = 20 sts
  • Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist
  • Knit one round
  • (K1, kfb) to end = 30 sts
  • Knit one round
  • (K2, kfb twice, k2) to end = 40 sts
  • Knit one round
  • (K3, kfb twice, k3) to end = 50 sts
  • Knit one round
  • (K4, kfb twice, k4) to end = 60 sts
  • Knit one round
  • (K5, kfb twice, k5) to end = 70 sts
  • Knit one round
  • (K6, kfb twice, k6) to end = 80 sts
  • Knit one round
From here, the five different 'points' of the star are individually worked flat (back and forth), not in-the-round, starting with  the first 16 stitches.  You will need to rejoin the yarn for each of the points, ensure to leave enough tails to sew in ends.
  1. (RS) K16
  2. (WS) K1, p to last st, k1
  3. K6, skpsso, k2tog, k6 = 14 sts
  4. Repeat 2
  5. K5, skpsso, k2tog, k5 = 12 sts
  6. Repeat 2
  7. K4, skpsso, k2tog, k4 = 10 sts
  8. Repeat 2
  9. K3, skpsso, k2tog, k3 = 8 sts
  10. Repeat 2
  11. K2, skpsso, k2tog, k2 = 6 sts
  12. Repeat 2
  13. K1, skpsso, k2tog, k1 = 4 sts
  14. Repeat 2
  15. K1, k2tog, k1 = 3 sts
  16. K1, p1, k1
  17. K3tog = 1 st
  18. Break yarn, pull through remaining st to bind off
  19. Repeat 1 to 18 four times
  20. If you're not used to knitting lace designs, right about now you'll be wondering how this little scrunched up thing will ever look like a star - fear not! This is where the pins come in....

Dampen the piece and then use pins at the centre and the end of each point so that the lace pattern opens up. In the photo above, you can see the difference you can make by opening up the lace to differing degrees - compare the 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock positioned points - you can choose which you prefer. When the pins are all in place, leave to dry and then sew in all ends / add any embellishments you prefer. I used a teardrop bead at the end of each point.


Mine is a decorative coaster but you can use this pattern for anything you like, for example:
- Make more and join them together at the points to form a large centre-piece
- Tape a star to the wall or in the window using pretty washi tape
- Sew onto a plain black t-shirt to add festive sparkle
- You may like to use a thicker yarn to produce a large star, or make two and sew them together to fill with stuffing.

Tomorrow the Scheepjes Christmas Blog Hop continues with a post from Kirsten and you can find more information on the Scheepjes Facebook page


  1. So pretty and delicate Sarah and perfect festive Christmas decoration. I will have to make a few in different colours as they make great gifts too. Thanks for sharing, hugs from Heike xx

  2. Wow-di-wow! Beautifully made with lots of eye for detail !

  3. This is lovely, I couldn't resist making one too (not sure how between the chaos) it's nice to have something so portable. Wish i'd had something sparkly but it looked nice in the grey I used too! Thanks Sarah!


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