Comfort Knitting (and scrap-stash busting)

It's grey and dismal outside, damp but not cold. It's perfect germ-breeding weather. Everyone local seems to be somewhere on the scale of 'general poorliness' - some are downright ill and the rest of us are what's known as "under the weather" which is about right - I feel grey and dismal too.

If it were possible to cosy up in my favourite armchair all day then I most certainly would. With a week until Christmas and still too much to get done, I managed to sneak a half hour to sit with a mug of tea to finish watching the latest episode of The Legacy. If you don't know it, The Legacy is a Danish TV show in which there is quite a lot of nice knitwear. A long plain ribbed scarf which one of the characters wears with her overcoat has been catching my eye. It always looks so warm and inviting despite being very plain and charcoal grey. I don't have a long ribbed scarf... but I do have some snuggly scraps of Stone Washed XL left over from my 'leftovers' hot water bottle covers (for which I ordered more yarn - yes, such is a knitter's logic!). 
Comfort knitting
You can see how dismal the light is from the picture, but at least there are some colourful scraps waiting to be used up. The question is whether I'll have enough to make it a reasonable length or if I'll need more to finish it. Either way it's perfect comfort knitting and I'm looking forward to a night in front of the fire. Hope you're all staying cosy and well, and I'll be back soon with another new project which might even be of the hooky variety! 


  1. Feel better! That is going to be quite a fun little scarf.

  2. I'm glad you're getting in some R&R. Do take care of yourself. That yarn is eye candy. I hope you have enough!

  3. I'm glad you're getting in some R&R. Do take care of yourself. That yarn is eye candy. I hope you have enough!

  4. Beautiful picture! The yarn looks so yummy...


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