Random Discovery of the Day (and trip-planning)

It seems that everyday I learn something new and interesting from "social networking", and today is no exception. Today I learned about this red lacquer box....
Source: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
If you haven't seen it before, the clue is in the caption. This box belonged to Vincent Van Gogh who kept a selection of yarns which he used to work out the colour palette for different paintings. If I ever knew this from A-level Art, it has long been forgotten (actually, most of it has been forgotten!) and I found it quite fascinating when @vikkipwillis posted a picture of the box on Instagram, wich prompted me to look up more information. I found lots of interesting posts like this,  this and this. (Thank you, Vikki!) 

The original box is still in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam which seems like another good reason to plan a trip - the last time I visited the city, the museum was closed. I now have a growing list of good reasons to go again, and feel I should start researching yarn shops there too. Have you ever been to the museum? Did you see this box? Do you have any recommendations for a 'yarn crawl' through Amsterdam?


  1. I agree, another good reason to visit Amsterdam.
    I have only heard good things about Amsterdam from people who have been there.
    ..I simply must go there one day!

  2. That is fascinating. I keep scraps of yarn in a similar box. I went to the Van Gogh museum in 1976(!) but was too young to appreciate it and don't remember the box....or anything else. What a philistine!

  3. What an interesting post! I never knew... But I did do a yarn crawl in Amsterdam recently and it's a fabulous place to explore. My crawl is blogged here: http://chloe.justinhall.us/amsterdam/

  4. How clever of him to use yarn to get a visual of his next painting's color palette.

  5. =) glad I shared ! Love your blog, too!



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