Q: What's backwards and interlaced?

Before I give you the answer to my question, I should tell you how this new project came about. Back in February when I went to Unravel with my friend (Crochet-blogger extraordinaire) Wink, we both bought the exact same skein of yarn (except hers was pre-wound one way, and mine the other). At the time we both happened to be wearing projects we'd made from Kauni Rainbow yarn - mine was the Whippoorwill my mum made "famous" and Wink's was a beautiful crochet shawl, which was completely different and equally eye-catching. Here they are together...

The yarn we both bought was not totally dissimilar to the Kauni - another rustic 100% wool yarn with a gradient. But this time, much more subtle and only 100g. We thought it might be fun to make something similar with them, but on purpose this time...

The yarn has sat in both our stashes since then, and we thought about what it might like to become. A little while ago Wink came up with the idea of something using entrelac. I hadn't tried it but thought it sounded fun and set about trying out the technique... which turned out to be perfect for backwards knitting! So over the next few weeks, my skein will be turned into something using entrelac knitting and Wink will be using entrelac crochet. At the end of it all we'll be publishing both patterns on our blogs for you (they'll be free). 

Wink has written about our collaboration today too, and we'll post periodic updates on our progress, which will include some tips and tutorials (I'll be showing you how to incorporate the backwards knitting technique from this tutorial, so you don't have to keep turning the work). I'm really excited about this, it should be great fun - if you haven't tried it before, it is much easier than it looks! Stay tuned...

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  1. A perfect collaboration! I can't wait to see what the two of you talented ladies come up with. Entralacis on my list of techniques to try. I'll let you guys tell me about it first though!!


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