Catching up!

It's been a weekend of catching up. Catching up with My Boy who returned from his first overnight school trip (he enjoyed that more than I did). Catching up with a husband who is always at work (so proud of him). Catching up with the laundry (urgh). Catching up with my projects (yay). There are a few things in progress at the moment, which only those following on Instagram might have seen:
  1. A hotwater bottle cover which I'm improvising from the Scheepjes yarn 'leftovers' from my Cosy Colourblock Shawl. It's only a small one but I like it enough to get more yarn for a standard sized version too, which perhaps defeats the purpose of using up my scraps, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 
  2. A new 'multi-purpose' design which should be ready to test later this week. It's a slight departure from my usual style with glamorous lace and sparkles - in fact, I felt compelled to paint my nails to start knitting one of the variants.
  3. The entrelac project I mentioned last week - which I will show you in a separate post, along with a tutorial.
    In fact the only thing I didn't catch up on this weekend was this blog (I'd planned to post this update yesterday)! Stay tuned as there are various things coming up in the next week or so, including a fabulous giveaway and the entrelac tutorial I mentioned. In the meantime I'd better get back to my knitting - those sparkles aren't going to knit and block themselves, are they?

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    1. Wonderful colors used and lovely stitch patterns. You are always good about using leftover yarn.


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