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The postman has told me that he's fed up of delivering my parcels. You see, there's been a lot of new yarn to swatch for some of the designs I'm working on. I guess this is the inevitable result of regular journaling - everything ends up in my notebook and eventually wants to be turned into an actual project. As there have been so many posts NOT showing you anything, I decided that today's 'Show & Tell' would be a quick peek at some of the things in my yarn basket, which are also a hint at things to come in the next couple of months.
Yarn yarn everywhere
You'll notice there are a few shimmery things - I'm working on a pattern which I am really excited about and planning to swatch in a few different yarns to suit different budgets. This stunning undyed alpaca/silk arrived today - it's Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico and is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Look at that natural shimmer!  It's a total luxury yarn and I can't wait to see it knitted up ... but it's so lovely I almost don't want to unwrap it from the skein. 
New yarn!
In total colourful contrast, this Malabrigo Mecha (colourway Piedras) threw me a real curveball - I got it on a whim, but it's so beautiful, I altered another design planned for a different yarn, in order to suit it. Each stitch is the most amazing colour - and I really think it needs a simple design which will allow the colours to sing without being overpowered.
New yarn!
You might have guessed that working with yarns like these, I've started to really love swatching!
New yarn!
Just for fun, I also started playing around with some of the new Yarn Stories merino DK to see what it's like. I love the cobalt and spring green together and they feel so soft and snuggly. I really want to finish these mitts but just haven't had a couple of evenings free to get them done. It seemed I'd have so much more time with the children both at school but that is definitely not the case, as I'm trying to cram so much in.

In fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as my WIP-bag 'overfloweth' at the moment. I have even more gorgeous yarn - and a new project - to show you later in the week, but it needs a whole post to itself. (It's going to be a free pattern here on the blog once it's finished and written up and I LOVE IT!) 

Before I go, a huge thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy of the Leaf Collector's Mitts pattern. I have been absolutely thrilled to see that some awesome knitters have already downloaded it, and some are using it for the Little Bobbins Mittalong. Happy Mitt-ing!

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